American Airlines plans to return Boeing 737 MAX jets to passenger service by the end of 2020

Image Source: American Airlines

Washington (Reuters)-American Airlines Group said on Sunday that it plans to return the Boeing 737 MAX jet to airliner operations by the end of this year in response to aircraft certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The airline said it will operate daily 737 MAX flights between Miami and New York from December 29th to January 4th and will be able to book flights from October 24th.

“We are still in contact with the FAA and Boeing on the certification process and will continue to update our plans based on when the aircraft will be certified,” the company said in a statement.

The FAA reiterated in a statement on Sunday that there was no timeline to approve the resumption of flight operations, saying, “Only after FAA safety experts are convinced that the aircraft meets the certification criteria will the grounding order be lifted. I will do it. ”

The Boeing 737 MAX has landed since March 2019 after 346 people were killed in two fatal accidents. The FAA was hoping to lift the ground order in mid-November, sources briefed on the issue earlier told Reuters, but the date could still be delayed.

American Airlines said it would make customers aware that they are flying on a 737 MAX.

In early October, the FAA published a draft report on MAX’s revised training procedures. It is open for public comment until November 2nd.

Report by Anne Maria Shiv of Bangalore and David Shepherdson of Washington. Edited by David Goodman and Daniel Wallis.


Source: Reuters

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