American Airlines Tulsa team pull planes from storage – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma 2021-04-07 19:27:20 –

Tulsa, Oklahoma-One of Tulsa’s major employers announced a big backlash on Tuesday morning. A representative of American Airlines’ Tulsa maintenance base said he was ready to return more planes to the air after storing them on the ground for the past year.

In the case of AA, thousands of furloughs have been included in the past year. Employees who left the Tulsa facility were recalled, and Americans will soon hire more.

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“Initially there was a lot of uncertainty, but now we are optimistic,” said Edsan Glyco, managing director of Tulsa’s maintenance base.

70 planes were deactivated there. Almost all of them are now reactivated.

“It’s great to see the light at the end of the tunnel,” said Larry Tolling, AA’s flight operations technology captain.

The team aims to launch the plane by the end of May. There are still eight things in Tulsa that need maintenance.

“Safety remains a top priority,” says Toering. “We are not in a hurry in the process. We take one step at a time to ensure that the aircraft is safely back in the air.”

They feel the worst is over, especially due to the deployment of vaccines.

“More people will be vaccinated. More reservations will be made. We have hope. We feel that 2021 is the year of construction and the year of transition.” Said Sangricco.

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