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Riverside, California 2022-07-01 21:46:15 –

One of the most versatile venues in Corpus Christi, run by the new management company OVG360.

Corpus Christi, Texas — The American Bank Center is about to see some big changes behind the scenes.

A few months ago, the city of Corpus Christi OVG 360, A prolific company that manages more than 250 properties nationwide. These discussions came to fruition on July 1st with the team of the company in charge.

A representative of OVG360 said he would like to work with the city to make the American Bank Center a leading venue for sports and entertainment. OVG360 Hospitality General Manager Joe Castor told 3NEWS about the big plans for a 10,000-seat venue.

“Look at what works and leverage the partnership between local talent and local business opportunities to bring the Corpus Christi experience to the building,” Castor said. “The arena has the capacity to be a prestigious concert venue in this part of the country.”

City Manager Peter Zanoni said the company was chosen because of its strong presence in Texas and its proven track record of attracting bustling crowds to thrilling events.

“People from the other side of the coastal bend will come here for big performers and big competitions,” said Zanoni. “And what OVG can do is bring those big conventions to the American Bank Center.”

Brian Martin, general manager of OVG 360 Venue Management, said he is already based in Texas and is in a good position to manage a banking center.

“The most exciting thing that just opened in April was the Moody Center in Austin, Texas,” Martin said. “I think we can take advantage of that market relationship and leverage it to provide Corpus Christi with routing opportunities.”

Zanoni continues that the city is looking at further improvements that could work in tandem with the new blood at the American Bank Center. Experts across the country are consulted by the venue on the topic of new hotels or some hotels in the downtown.

“Today, some people have to walk some distance from downtown to get to the convention center,” said Zanoni. “So we’re studying a convention center hotel and we’re also looking at the convention center itself. Does it need to be remodeled, remodeled, or add space to it?”

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