American democracy is fighting for its life-and Republicans don’t care Robert Reich

On Sunday, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin announced in an editorial by Charleston Gazette Mer that he would oppose the For the People Act. He also opposes ending Philibuster.

The most famous state newspaper editorials are as unyielding as the senators can claim.

This was a direct thumb reaction to President Biden’s flimsy criticism of Manchin in Tulsa last Tuesday. It replaces many new voter oppression laws in Republican-controlled states and uses Mr. Trump’s groundless voter fraud allegations as an excuse.

“I hear everyone on TV saying,’Why doesn’t Biden do this?'” Biden asked rhetorically in Tulsa. “Well, Biden has a real majority of four votes in the House of Representatives, and at the same rate in the Senate, two members of the Senate are voting more with my Republican friends. But we give up. not.”

Everyone knew that it was referring to Mr. Manchin and another Democratic supporter, Senator Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona.

Manchin’s public denial of Biden on Sunday could end the For the People Act, paving the way for Republican states to continue their shameless campaign to oppress voters. Republican Winning the 2022 midterm elections and establishing Republican rule for a generation.

Currently, registered Republicans make up only about 25% of American voters, but that percentage appears to be shrinking as a result of Trump’s stinking exit.

However, rural Republican states like Wyoming (population 574,000) have two senators, as do urban states like California (population close to 40 million). Without the gerrymandering, the scales were already tilted.

After that, post-Trump state law flooded, making it difficult to achieve. Democratic Party Makes it easier for Republican legislatures to manipulate vote counting.

Manchin says he supports extending John Lewis’s voting rights law to all 50 states. It’s a little comfort.

The original 1965 Voting Rights Act was revoked by the Supreme Court in 2013 on the suspicious logic that states with a history of suppressing black voting no longer need it. (Note that within 24 hours of the ruling, Texas announced that it would implement strict photo ID legislation, followed immediately by Mississippi and Alabama.)

The effect of the new national voting rights law rests on the Activist Justice Department, which is willing to thwart state changes in the voting law that curb voting. And In the Supreme Court of activists who are willing to support such a Justice Ministry decision. Don’t bet on either. We know what happened to the Justice Department under the Trump administration and what happened to the Supreme Court.

Moreover, the new Voting Rights Act will not be able to withdraw the latest Republican state voter restraint legislation.

Without Manchin, For the People Act would probably die if Biden couldn’t convince one of the Republican senators to join and support the Senate Democratic Party. It’s like a reputation for being an institutionalist who values ​​American democracy.

But given Trump’s continued dominance over the shrinking Republican Party, those who support the For the People Act in collaboration with the Democratic Senate will probably end their political career. Deaf. Courageous profiles are often used for political obituaries and monuments.

History suggests that in this shameful era, Republican senators were more united in opposition to voting rights than Democratic senators supported. think.

Better odds are needed for the future of American democracy.

American democracy is fighting for its life-and Republicans don’t care Robert Reich

Source link American democracy is fighting for its life-and Republicans don’t care Robert Reich

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