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American gymnastics alternate Eaker tests positive for C-19 | Us World News – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-07-19 11:32:21 –

Tokyo (AP) — Kara Eaker, a representative of the US women’s gymnastics team, tested positive for COVID-19 at the Olympic training camp in Japan.

Al Fong, the personal coach of both Eaker and Olympic replacement player Leanne Wong, confirmed a positive test in an email to the Associated Press on Monday. According to Wong, 18-year-old Eaker was vaccinated with a new coronavirus two months ago.

Both Eaker and Wong are quarantined.

USA Gymnastics did not identify Eaker or Wong, but said in a statement that the test was positive and another replacement player, the athlete, would be subject to additional quarantine restrictions.

“Therefore, on Monday, Olympic athletes will move to different accommodations and training facilities as originally planned to continue preparing for the Games,” the organization said in a statement. Maintain a strict protocol while they are in Tokyo. “

The positive test was up to date An increasing line of athletes and other daily reports that tested positive in the Olympics with a delayed pandemic.. Eaker was the first American to test positive.

“The health and safety of our athletes, coaches and staff is our number one priority. We can confirm that a replacement player on a female gymnastics team tested positive for COVID-19,” said the US Olympics. The committee stated in a statement. “Athletes have been transferred to the hotel for quarantine in accordance with local rules and protocols. To respect the privacy of individuals, we cannot provide any further information at this time.”

Four agents, Eker, Wong, Kayla DiCello and Emma Malabuyo, are the six female delegations from the United States and Olympic champions Simone Biles, Jordan Chiles, Grace McCallum, Sunisa Lee and MyKayla Skinner. , Visited Japan with Jade Carey.

The positive test was done after the eker received what was called a “false positive” over the weekend. Eaker then performed subsequent tests that were negative before testing for positives multiple times.

World Champion Biles and other regular teams are vaccinated. Skinner, who teamed up at “Plus One Spot” following the Olympic trial, fought both COVID-19 and pneumonia last winter, meaning that he could compete as an individual in Tokyo.

Alternatives have vacated rooms with other alternates since arriving in Japan, and competitive teams have vacated rooms with other competitors. All Olympic athletes and coaches have moved to their rooms after the positive test. As originally planned, Olympic athletes have also moved to the new hotel.

The state of emergency will be announced in Tokyo on Friday. In other words, when a new incident occurs in the capital, almost every venue will have no fans. The women’s gymnastics team will start the competition on Sunday.

U.S. officials said the test was conducted while the team was training in Inzai, a suburb of Tokyo. Team members arrived at the camp last week for a big fanfare at Narita Airport.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government reported 727 new cases in the capital on Monday. The number of cases was higher than the previous week for 30 consecutive days. There were 502 cases last Monday.


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