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(NEXSTAR) – Authorities Three American tourists who died at Sandals Resort In the Bahamas after getting a mysterious illness. Samples taken from all three tourists were sent to a US laboratory to determine what happened.

Police in the Bahamas were called to Sandals Resort on Exuma Island on Friday morning after a man, one of the tourists, was found unresponsive at the villa in a statement.

On the way to the resort, police officers were told that two unresponsive tourists, a woman and a second man, were found in another villa. All three were sentenced to death at the resort, according to local officials, and both the woman and the second man showed “signs of seizures.”

A fourth tourist, a woman, was taken to the hospital.

The three victims were identified as Michael and Robbie Phillips in Tennessee and Vincent Paul Chiarella in Florida. Chiarella’s wife, Donis, was a woman who was taken to the hospital. She was airlifted to Florida, but she remains in serious condition.

The Tennessee couple was from Maryville and ran a travel agency affiliated with Nexter’s sandals. Wort Have learned. The agency has received multiple awards and accreditations from the Sandals Travel Agency Awards.

Facebook post from Thursday, Allegedly posted by Lobby PhillipsEven shared praise for the Bahamas’ views.

Samples were taken from tourists, their rooms, and nearby facilities to identify the presence of contaminants.

Health Minister Michael Durville said on Saturday that some of the hotel guests went to the clinic on Thursday with nausea and vomiting and were treated and left. He said the first investigation showed that it was an isolated case.

Chiarella’s son, Austin, Talked to ABC News Last week his parents said they were staying at the resort for their anniversary. Donnis told her son that she got sick on Thursday, but after she left the clinic she felt she was “she was okay,” ABC News reports.

Acting Prime Minister Chester Cooper said in a statement Friday that police were investigating and that the misconduct was “not suspected.”

Health and Wellness Minister Dr. Michael Durville said Witness News Bahamas The team investigating these deaths “has a theory” about what happened, but is still working to determine the exact cause. Authorities continue to believe that these are isolated cases.

The U.S. Department of State is monitoring the investigation and is “ready to provide support for all appropriate consulates,” a spokesman said. Hill..

In a statement to Sandals representative Eyewitness News Bahamas, he said: It is very sad to confirm that three guests have died at Emerald Bay Resort on May 6, 2022. Health emergencies are reported first, and follow the protocol to investigate the support and situation with emergency medical professionals and associated local governments. “

The company said it was cooperating with the investigation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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