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New York-The country was optimistic about next year when President Joe Biden finished his 100th inauguration, but shortly after six months, American optimism about the country’s direction plummeted by nearly 20 points. .. A new ABC News / Ipsos poll was found.

The majority of the population (55%) says they are pessimistic about the direction of the country. This is a significant change from about one-third (36%), which was said to be the same in the ABC News / Ipsos poll published on May 2. In a survey in early May, Americans were more optimistic than pessimistic by 28 percentage points. Optimism is currently 10 points underwater. Looking ahead to the next 12 months, less than half (45%) now feel optimistic about how the situation is progressing, about 3 of the May survey. It has decreased significantly from 2/1/2 (64%).

The decline of optimism is entirely occurring among Democrats, Republicans, and independents. Optimism is down about 20 points between Democrats and Republicans and 26 points between independents. Among Democrats, 7 in 10 (71%) say they are optimistic about the country’s direction over the next 12 months. This is far below the Democratic Party’s nearly universal approval (93%) for Biden’s response to a pandemic. In today’s politics, partisans are usually more united in their support and opposition to specific issues and people.

The shift between optimism and pessimism occurs when an American gives Biden his lowest approval rating for the treatment of a pandemic in the ABC News / Ipsos poll. According to a poll conducted by Ipsos in partnership with ABC News using Ipsos’ Knowledge Panel, more than 6 out of 10 (63%) have approved the president’s reaction to the coronavirus.

It is still the majority, but it has fallen 9 points since late March. This is Biden’s highest price. This may reflect growing concern that the blockade may be revived and that already vaccinated Americans may need booster shots. As of Friday, the average daily number of cases in the United States increased by 47% compared to the previous week, and on Wednesday, the United States was one of the highest since April, according to health and welfare service data obtained by ABC News. The total number of new cases was recorded daily. ..

Concerns about the recurrence of the virus are evident in how worried the general public is about getting the virus.

According to this ABC News / Ipsos poll, about 6 out of 10 Americans (20% are very, 42% are a little) are concerned about being infected with the coronavirus. Four in ten (39%) are not worried about this.

This is the lowest level of concern in polls by ABC News / Ipsos dating back to March 2020, but this question was last asked in early March of this year, accounting for less than 20% of the U.S. population. Therefore, there is a big gap. Partially vaccinated. Since then, all Americans over the age of 12 have been eligible for the vaccine. The ABC News / Ipsos poll states that about three-quarters (74%) of adults in the United States have been vaccinated with the coronavirus vaccine at least once. This, like other recent studies, slightly exaggerates the number of vaccinated Americans. , According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The latest CDC report, which can delay actual vaccination by several days, shows that 68.8% of the adult population received at least one vaccination.

According to this poll, concerns about infection are higher in people who are at least partially vaccinated than those who are not, at 67% compared to 46%. However, the majority of unvaccinated U.S. adults say they are not worried that they or their acquaintances will be infected with the virus, but public health experts, including the CDC director, said this was “unvaccinated. It warns that it is becoming a “pandemic”.

ABC News / Ipsos hasn’t polled on the level of concern about being infected with the virus in the last four to five months, but other polls have polled and public concerns have risen again. And it seems.

In a Monmouth University poll conducted in mid-June, about a quarter (23%) of Americans said they were very worried that they or someone in their family would be seriously ill with COVID. Two in ten (19%) are somewhat concerned about this-both have hit record lows in Monmouth polls. About a quarter (24%) said they weren’t too worried about this, and three in ten (32%) said they weren’t worried at all. Both set record highs in Monmouth polls.

In addition, according to an ABC News / Ipsos poll, the level of approval of the president’s response to the country’s economic recovery from a pandemic has dropped by 7 points since late March, when 6 out of 10 people approved it. Unemployed claims were expected to hit a new pandemic era low on Thursday, but instead it’s too early to know if it’s going to be a trend, but it was last seen in mid-June. It has increased to the level.

The overwhelming majority of Democrats (88%) approve the president’s response to the economic recovery, but only about half (49%) of independents approve, and less than two in ten Republicans (16%). I approve it.

On other issues, Biden’s approval is underwater, dull even among his own parties.

Less than four in ten Americans approve the president’s treatment of immigrants and the US-Mexico border situation, crime, and gun violence. Republicans have hunted down Biden and the Democrats in all three, as border crossings and violent crime rates are skyrocketing, especially in Democrat-run US cities across the country. According to this poll, this is reflected in a high level of disapproval (range 86% to 92%) of the president’s response to the three Republican issues.

Crime and gun violence disapproval figures are closely tracked to each other among all Americans (about 6 in 10 each), and Biden’s disapproval of gun violence treatment has been common since late March. Slight increase among citizens, 57% to 61%.

The exception to these low ratings for problem-based or policy-based performance is the president’s withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, which is approved by the majority of Americans (55%).

When asked how much Biden has achieved the promise of the campaign, the Americans are divided. 52% said they did a good or good job to keep their promises, and 47% said they did a bad or bad job.

Methodology-This ABC News / Ipsos poll was conducted in English and Spanish on July 23-24, 2021 by the Knowledge Panel of Ipsos Public Affairs, targeting a random national sample of 527 adults. The result has a sampling error margin of 5.0 points, including design effects. The Partisan sector is 31-24-36%, Democratic-Republican-Independent. Learn more about top-line voting results and methodologies.

ABC News’ Dan Merkle, Ken Goldstein, and Arielle Mitropoulos contributed to this report.

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Americans’ optimism about country’s direction over next year drops nearly 20 points since May: POLL Source link Americans’ optimism about country’s direction over next year drops nearly 20 points since May: POLL

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