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Seattle-The COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with record sales of firearms, fuels a shortage of US ammunition affecting law enforcement agencies, people seeking personal protection, recreational shooters and hunters- And practice the need to handle weapons safely, which may deny the owner of a new gun.

Manufacturers say they produce as much ammunition as possible, but many gun store shelves are empty and prices continue to rise. Although ammunition imports have increased significantly, at least one US manufacturer exports ammunition. Increasing pandemics, social unrest, and violent crime have led millions of people to buy guns for protection and shoot for sports.

Jason Westenberg, Executive Director of the National Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, said:

Doug Tangen, a firearms instructor at the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission, a state police academy, said the academy also had problems getting ammunition.

“A few months ago, we were almost empty of 9mm ammunition on the shelves,” he said. In response, the instructor took protective measures, such as reducing the number of shots fired per drill. As a result, it took several months for fresh supplies to arrive.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police spokesman Larry Hudfield said his department was also affected by the shortage. “We tried to save as much ammunition as possible,” he said.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, an industry group, more than 50 million people participate in shooting sports in the United States, with 20 million guns sold last year, of which 8 million were from first-time buyers. ..

“When all these people talk about buying guns, it really affects those who buy ammunition,” said spokesman Mark Oliva. “If you look at the buyers of 8.4 million guns and everyone wants to buy a box of 50 guns, that’s 420 million.”

The FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System database has also recorded increased sales. In 2010, 14.4 million background checks were conducted on gun purchases. It surged to nearly 39.7 million in 2020 and 22.2 million in June 2021 alone.

The number of guns actually sold can be much higher, as multiple guns can be linked into a single background check. There is no ammunition data as sales are not regulated and no license is required to sell.

The nationwide pandemic in early 2020 created safety concerns and created “overwhelming demand” for both guns and ammunition due to the resulting reduction in blockade orders and police response, Oliva said. Said. The factory continued to produce ammunition, but sales far exceeded what could be shipped, he said.

“The more instability, fear and anxiety, the more people will buy guns,” said Ali Frerich of the Gifford Law Center to prevent gun violence.

As supplies declined, some gun owners began stockpiling ammunition, Fayrich said.

“Early in the pandemic, I saw people hoarding toilet paper and disinfectants, but now they’re ammunition,” he said.

Wustenberg emphasized the danger that first-time gun buyers will not be able to practice with new weapons.

Going to the shooting range involves more than trying to attack the target, he said. Here you will learn basic skills such as the shooter always pointing the gun in a safe direction and releasing his finger from the trigger until he is ready to fire.

“That’s the old saying: just because you buy a guitar doesn’t mean you’re a guitar player,” Wustenberg said. Some people have the misconception that “I shot this target 5 yards away and did it well, so it’s okay for someone to break into my house.” You need to go out and practice. “

According to Justin Barati, a spokesman for the U.S. Army Joint Army Command, the U.S. Army is unaffected by the shortage as it produces ammunition at all six branches of the U.S. Army. ..

The U.S. shooting team, which won four medals at the Tokyo Olympics, also had the ammunition needed for training thanks to the sponsor’s commitment, but membership and junior programs are struggling and CEO of USA shooting Said Matt Sags.

The US Biathlon team, which is training for the 2022 Winter Olympics in February, is also supplied with ammunition from its sponsor, Finnish Lapua. But local clubs are facing a shortage, said Max Cobb, president of the American Biathlon Association.

Jason Vanderbrink, vice president of Vista Outdoors, which owns the Federal, CCI, Spear and Remington ammunition brands, said the two companies are shipping ammunition as quickly as possible.

“I’m tired of reading the false information on the Internet that I’m not trying to meet the demand we’re experiencing right now,” he said with the goal of breaking speculation that it wasn’t. Said in a YouTube video produced for the customer.

Panjiva Inc, which independently tracks world trade. Ammunition imports from Russia, South Korea, the European Union and others have increased by 225% over the past two years, according to the analysis. However, at least some US-made ammunition is heading abroad.

According to Panjiva, Winchester has recorded 107 shipments since January 2020. Most went to Australia and Winchester fulfilled its contract with NIOA, the country’s largest supplier of small arms. NIOA Chief Operating Officer Nigel Everingham said it was not possible to determine the amount of ammunition that Winchester was supplying.

Some cargo also went to Belgium and Israel.

On the other hand, most of the ammunition on the website of Champions Choice, a gun shop in Lavagne, Tennessee, is listed as “out of stock.”

“We store ammunition on order, but we’re not sure when it will go on sale,” said sales manager Kyle Hudgens. “It puts us in a bad position for our customers. They are asking what the deal is.”

Brian Lookabaud of Renton Fish & Games Skeet Shooting Range and Trap Shooting Range in Renton, Washington, is about to hit a disc with shooters flying at 35-70 mph. At a recent tournament.

“There wasn’t a complete shipment in a year,” he said.

Duane Hendrix, a shooting range master at the Seattle Police Department’s shooting range in Tukwila, Washington, said he is currently limiting the sale of ammunition to two boxes per customer.

“I’ve never seen anything like that,” Hendrix said. “There are things we can’t get, especially rifle ammo. Without ammo for our customers, it doesn’t make sense to open the door.”

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Ammunition shortage: Ammo shelves bare as US gun sales continue to soar Source link Ammunition shortage: Ammo shelves bare as US gun sales continue to soar

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