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An Amateur Reviews: Volley Seltzers – Kansas City, Missouri

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As i have Very clearlyMy preference for fine dining and drinking is not always the best. This is mainly due to the fact that I’m trying to write to make a living, and it’s easier to justify drinking Mirror High Life than exquisite liquor.

That said, when I get good things, I like red and dry wines and strong black coffee. Therefore, it turned out that sugar-free was added. Volley Selzer Being a refreshing pivot away from the more canned canned cocktails I’ve tried.

All of these 355mL Bad Boys are maximal with 110 calories, are completely gluten-free and are made with 100% blue agave tequila, organic juice and selzer water. This is comparable to a fine craft beer with 5.25% alcohol per volume.

Volley did not sacrifice taste in this pursuit. The sweetness is completely subtle in each of the four current flavor products: Zesti Lime, Sharp Grapefruit, Spicy Ginger and Tropical Mango.

Sharp grapefruit

Starting with sharp grapefruit, I opened these guys in the order of the flavors I wanted to try the most. Surprisingly, this was probably the most overwhelming of the four. As a grapefruit person, I enjoyed my time with this can. But being skeptical of tequila, I was still soaking my toes. But before making this verdict, I definitely wanted to give it a try.

Tropical mango

In my experience, most mango products are stalled with excessive sweetness, which gives mangoes the respect they deserve. It tastes like mango, let alone … well, most mango-flavored products end up with a favorite taste. I don’t know if I like this or the last one. I think it’s a draw. Fans of mangoes, fruits, or extinct mango joule pods will especially enjoy this.

Zesti Lime:

I took a break along the way, combined the next can with a nice meal consisting of one McDouble and added MacSauce. This is important because not only is the Mac Sauce delicious, but it’s also the only reason I used Zesty Lime as the third sample instead of the Spicy Ginger.

For those who don’t know, lime and tequila are like items, so I think this flavor is the most popular of the four, given its popularity. By the time the esophagus was filled with processed beef and cheese, I actually enjoyed the luxury of chasing such an abominable one-course meal with a very spicy lime tequila selzer. It had that classic cola-like atmosphere, and I didn’t have to preface it by licking salt from my dirty thumb pit on John’s big deck. Think about it: Margarita without sugar fuck.

Spicy ginger

Finally, I opened the spicy ginger. This was great. My only complaint is that it may be more painful than before. I didn’t think ginger and tequila were a worthwhile match until now, but now I’m a believer. Even if tequila returns to lime every night, if you get bored you’re probably thinking of ginger. The ginger here is like Bratwurst mustard, a perfect complement to the IMO and the tequila that lives there.

verdict: Drinking water is good for you. Drinking water while drinking alcohol is (relatively) good for you. Cutting sugar is good for you. I felt two weeks younger after drinking these and felt a little more hydrated than the competing Budweiser water Budweiser. Conclusion: Volley Selzer … is it good for you? Buy for $ 12 per 4 packs or order in bulk at the following URL: Volley website..

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