An Analysis of the Ever-Growing Mobile Gaming Market

As technology develops and new, innovative projects come to life, it looks to expand beyond its boundaries. Conversely, mobile-based activities are slowly taking over. More and more people are giving up on PCs and are shifting to handheld devices for various activities. One of them is gaming.

To support these claims, even Netflix has launched its first mobile games for Android. Within two weeks, the world’s biggest subscription streaming service provider pushed forward a plethora of games for iOS, too. Considering these facts, it seems that mobile gaming is increasingly making its presence known. Let’s look at the different ways that mobile gaming is overriding all other forms of entertainment.

It All Began on Desktop

Decades before the first-ever iPhone landed on the market, PCs and the world of video gaming. Even nowadays, professional gamers would rather sit at their robust, intricate PC setups that took them ages to come up with. Talking about how influential video games are, certain 2018 stats show that more than 150 million Americans played video games daily. Both males and females spend at least an hour per day on video games on average. Furthermore, predictions state that the number of casual players and professional ones will continue to rise in the upcoming years. And while mobile gaming is rising, in 2021, around 52% of games are played on desktop.

In these Statista reports, the numbers say that video game lovers have different tastes regarding genres. The most popular video game genre is undoubtedly casual games that allow people to take the edge off. To illustrate, 63% of all gamers in America play games such as Solitaire and Tetris, which require little mental effort and are generally relaxing. The second-most played category concerns action games like Grand Theft Auto and Super Mario Odyssey. Shooter and racing games take up 3rd and 4th place on the chart, respectively. Again, more than half of the gameplay is accessed via desktop computers.

Mobile Sports Betting in the US

Looking at the growth of mobile gaming users by country, we notice a surge in legalisation of sports betting across the US. At the time of writing, 32 states have legalised betting on sports, while 18 out of those approve of mobile wagering. Odds are that the remaining states will follow the example and soon accept mobile bets on sports and casinos alike.

American citizens spend circa $119 million in revenue on horse racing and football. As an illustration, in August 2020, US residents wagered 90.2% more than at the same time a year before. The sports betting industry in the US is worth $131 billion. But how much out of that is made on mobile phones and tablets?

Sensor Tower reports an exponential growth in mobile gaming in October 2021 as opposed to any month before. Some of the top-grossing games include the Honor of Kings, Pokémon GO, and, expectedly, Candy Crash Saga.

Additionally, we see more and more states join the mobile gaming bandwagon. Right now, Michigan, New Jersey, Tennessee, and 15 other states approve of betting via mobile.

Perhaps the biggest news concerns the near 104% gush year-on-year in the overall US gaming industry. The revenue hit an all-time record of $436 million, as reported in the H2 of 2021. Players nourish a growing interest in strategy games, which gradually climb towards the top of the ladder. And when it comes to strategy, fewer games beat the likes of blackjack, which we’ll discuss right below.

Gambling on Mobile & Gambling Apps

Another slightly overlooked contestant for the top position is the online casino industry. Looking at the statistics, we observe that online casino games generate 10% of the US gaming revenue. While that might not seem as much, we took a look at where the industry stood just 365 days ago. Namely, year-on-year, online casinos rose to a whopping 36.9% in downloads, too. Finally, casino genres generated $2.5 billion in the first half of 2021 alone.

Accordingly, top online casinos are on the rise. Now more accessible than ever, online gambling venues offer thousands of games, including slots, poker, blackjack and roulette. Additionally, as an ever-evolving industry, casinos now feature live dealer games with real-time streaming services and LiveCasinos.com is a place where best of them can be found.

Is Our Future Mobile?

So, the verdict is – the mobile gaming industry will likely continue to grow. Branching out towards sports betting and casino games, whether mobile gaming is the future is no longer the question, but rather what device is the best for mobile gaming. Stay tuned for relevant articles on mobile gaming gadgets and what games to play this year.

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