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After a breakout rampage in Detroit last Sunday, a Bengals rookie carrying Chris Evans, like the coach of his old special team, this Sunday’s AFC North showcase game in Baltimore ( 1:00 pm-Returned to the drawing board on Cincinnati Channel 12).

After Darrin Simmons, the coordinator of the Bengals special team, did what seemed to be a white tape of tackles connecting three franchises in one kick game, Evans said this week, “I have a few points. It’s non-conforming. ” team.

“Many coaching points he gives me are something we’ve never talked about,” says Evans. “I’m proud not to be taught the same thing twice, because it means I’m not taking into account what he’s saying.”

Antai Unmac, head coach who coached his special team two years ago and hired Evans to help revive the Huron High School program, didn’t get the chance to catch a breakdown of his old assistant Lions. bottom. He’s only about 30 minutes away in Ann Arbor, but on Sunday at Mack, and every other day about that, he was booked to create a game plan for his own breakout season, when Riverrat won his first seven wins. It’s been 20 years.

But Mack finally knew the word. With a click he was sent to Evans’ first NFL touchdown catch, a 24-yard grab that started scoring that day, and a quarterback Joe Burrow’s afternoon scorch. If he kept clicking, he would have known about Evans’s massive blitz pickup that allowed him to play the game for the longest time.

However, the final text from Evans probably didn’t even mention the efforts of these three teams. Although they couldn’t surprise Mack.

“One thing about Chris Evans,” Mack said between X and O this week. “He loves challenges. I didn’t want to coach aggressive positions. I wanted to coach different teams and defenses because I wanted to learn different phases of the game. I love learning. I love to challenge. I love him. That’s great. About his personality. “

Mack helped Evans overcome the greatest challenges of his life.

They first met early in Evans’ career in Michigan. Evans, who won the regional track title for the Powerhouse at Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis with 110 hurdles, long jump and 400 relays, was trained by Huron Track Coach. They both remembered when Evans said he wanted to work with his team if something happened to Mack.

Later, when Evans was suspended in 2019 due to plagiarism, he vowed to the children to tell his story in every forum he could, and reached out to Mack. Mack led the program with 39 consecutive losses in the first season, but spoke to a special team and safety coach.

Evans had never played a special team in Michigan. But he had the paperwork and installed Jim Harbaugh’s plan.

“It’s like a class. He studied a special team. We’ve collected materials to explain to the kids,” Mack said of the kick game. “We were healthy. Well prepared. We communicated well.”

Evans helped Huron break through the losing streak. Huron helped Evans defeat him. After the match last Sunday, Evans was still helping the Michigan children. Even before Mack hired Evans, he knew everything about him through CE Star, the Evans organization of the youth flag football team he started as a teenager in Indy so he could coach his younger brother. I did.

Some of Mac’s players belonged to a group that Evans started in Ann Arbor when he went to college. Things changed from Indy and Michigan to Louisville, Lafayette and Indiana as Evans gained the time and money to add. On Sunday, about seven children from a Detroit 8-year-old team saw from a suite that one of their parents bought to see the CE star himself.

After the game, they met him in the field, and now Evans is showing you pictures of children trying on his helmet. The only thing you can see is their cave-like smile.

“He’s a testimony,” says Mack. “If you work, you can make your dreams come true. I am very proud of him.”

Evans is currently looking at more photos.

Who knows they belong to Ravens and what role he plays against them?

With Samaje Perine’s second running back on the COVID list, he played Detroit’s most aggressive snaps and special teams.

Randy Moss knows his Bengal past and present and sees “magic” in the NFL’s next great QB-WR combo Taylor take: Sunday’s mandatory list “Take care of the ball, We Need to Take Ownership A 7-Week Showdown With Ravens Away From Bengals To Baltimore

So whether Evans tries to pick up the blitz against Ravens’ fast-paced buffet of pressure seems to have worked with last week’s wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase’s 53-yard catch. Crows are very different animals. The Security Blanket is Perine with three career games with Baltimore and seven career games with Joe Mixon in first place with Wink Martindale’s rushing roulette.

But even if Perrin was there, Evans had a chance to catch the ball from the backfield, and that number continued to happen after Sunday’s touchdown.

Special team? As Simmons says, a reliable Perrin “doesn’t go anywhere.” Evans filled in with punts and kick returns. If Perrin returns, he will probably return to punt return and kickoff.

“He was productive,” says Simmons. “He was part of three tackles. He’s not close to the finished product. He’s never played it in college. He’s learning.”

Evans is grateful for the rigorous coaching from Simmons and his assistant Colt Anderson. The bar is expensive. When Simmons is thinking about running back in his program, he’s thinking of professional bowlers Cedric Peerman and Rex Burkhead.

“I’ve heard a lot from everyone about bad coaches who just get on you and yell at you,” Evans said of the special team. “These guys are good coaches. They’re not going to yell. They’ll let someone else do it.”

Simmons has become one of the most respected minds in NFL kick games during this century, with the utmost care of old schools. He makes the odd couple Felix Anger look like an unprepared bed.

This is how Simmons saw Evans Sunday.

“He said I was supposed to be inside the blocker when I made one of the tackles,” Evans says. “On the next tackle I had to keep the containment. On the next tackle I punted, I had to set it more inside when blocking. Even at 100% he would find something. I Likes it. I like it. Knowing that nothing is perfect, it encourages you to do better. “

He also likes Simmons and Anderson not yelling. That’s how he taught it.

“This is our job. We can take away the heat,” says Evans. “Some of these kids are so hot that they don’t want to play anymore.”

But Evans is very interested in playing more. anywhere.

“I’m the sixth round pick,” says Evans. He sounds like an old kick game coach. “I have to contribute to a special team.”

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