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Analysis: Why Trump’s election challenges are falling flat in court – Las Vegas, Nevada

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In this November 5, 2020 file photo, a county election worker scans a mail ballot in the Clark County Elections Department’s aggregation area in Las Vegas.

While President Donald Trump has vowed to push forward with efforts to overturn the election, judges across the country have consistently defeated his legal agenda.

Trump’s campaign failed to make real progress in court without evidence of widespread fraud that experts have widely agreed to. During the day of the week, Trump and his Republican allies withdrew or lost proceedings in three different states attempting to prevent proof of election results.

Experts say Trump will not succeed in stopping Joe Biden from taking office in January. But his repetitive, unfounded allegations that the race is fraudulent have undermined public confidence in the electoral system, instilling in his supporters the idea that Biden would become an illegal president.

Where Republican Election Challenges Stand in Nevada and Five Other States:


Case: Trump’s campaign requires judges to either invalidate Nevada’s election results or set aside and declare them winners. It claims that illegal or improper voting has taken place and that the use of optical scans to process the signatures of mailed votes violates state law. The Trump proceedings filed on Tuesday are revisiting arguments already rejected by judges in Nevada and elsewhere. Votes were held on behalf of the dead, election observers were not allowed to witness the “points” of the process, and people in Native American territory claimed to have been illegally given incentives to vote.

In another court submission, a voting watch group led by a conservative former state legislature wanted judges to block the recognition of state-wide elections.

What Happened: Friday’s judge rejected the voting Watchdog Group’s bid to block state-wide certification. The hearing for the Trump Campaign Challenge is scheduled for December 1st.


Case: The Arizona Republican Party was trying to block proof of election results in Maricopa, the state’s most populous county, but a court ruled in a party proceeding seeking new steps in ballot sampling. Officials said no inconsistencies were found in the county’s already completed audit.

What Happened: A judge on Thursday rejected the Republican bid to postpone proof of election results and dismissed the party’s legal objection to a new audit of ballot sampling. Judge John Hannah did not explain, except that the Republican request to amend the proceedings was in vain and prohibited the party from resubmitting the proceedings. The judge promised a full explanation in the future. Maricopa County authorities are expected to prove the election results on Friday.

In another case, Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee were also trying to postpone certification of election results in Maricopa County. In that case, they claimed that some votes were inappropriately rejected and demanded a manual inspection of the Metro Phoenix ballot. The judge dismissed the case on November 13, after the campaign’s attorneys admitted that the minority votes in question would not change the outcome of the way Arizona voted for the president. Maricopa County leaders confirmed the election results on Friday.


Incident: L., a prominent conservative attorney. Lynnwood Jr. has filed a proceeding in an attempt to prevent proof of election results in Georgia. Wood claims that Georgia has illegally changed the process of processing absentee ballots. Wood’s proceedings seek a legal settlement signed earlier this year to address charges of lack of state-wide standards for determining the signature of absentee ballot envelopes. The Georgia Deputy Secretary called Wood’s case a “stupid, unfounded claim.”

What Happened: Thursday’s judge denied Wood’s request for a temporary restraint order to suspend certification. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp recognized the state’s electoral college on Friday. Trump must request a recount until the end of Tuesday.


Case: Trump’s campaign was accused of blocking proof of election results in the state, and election officials claimed that they “allowed fraud and incompetence to corrupt the implementation of the 2020 general election.” Trump’s legal team claimed that the observer was unable to properly monitor the ballot counting, ineligible votes were counted, and the Republican vote challenge was ignored.

Another proceeding filed this week on behalf of the two pollster challengers courts to suspend proof of election results until an independent audit to “ensure election accuracy and completeness” is completed. I am asking for.

What Happened: Citing a statement from Republican Wayne County campaigners who first blocked the certification of election results in Michigan’s largest county before approving on Tuesday, the Trump campaign filed its lawsuit on Thursday. Withdrawn. The two campaigners now say they want to change their position again, but authorities say they have no way to cancel their vote.

Two pollster challenger lawyers also suddenly withdrew the proceedings this week without explanation.


Case: In the case of the Trump campaign, Philadelphia and six counties have voters without secret envelopes or autographs. The total number of affected votes was not expected to approach Biden’s margin of more than 80,000 votes.

What Happened: Trump’s private attorney Rudy Giuliani signed the proceedings this week after others suddenly withdrew, and the former Mayor of New York claimed in court for the first time since the 1990s on Tuesday. Giuliani made an unsupported claim in the barbarism of a national conspiracy by Democrats to steal elections. The judge did not immediately rule and canceled the hearing set on Thursday, but both sides planned to submit a new one this week.


Incident: Wednesday’s Trump campaign filed for recount in counties covering Democratic homes of Milwaukee and Madison. The absentee ballot was illegally modified or issued, and government officials claimed to have violated state law.

What Happened: Biden beat Wisconsin with 20,600 votes. A recount of presidential elections in two of the state’s most severe Democratic counties began on Friday in an attempt to abandon tens of thousands of absentee votes that Trump argued should not be counted. Trump’s three oppositions to discard ballots were rejected by the three-member Dane County campaign committee. Trump was expected to raise the same objection in Milwaukee County, perhaps immediately prior to the court’s objection, perhaps soon after the recount was completed.

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