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I’m Art Kumbalek, man ischewitz is the world, Aina? So please listen. For a very long time, the sweetest word I heard was the one I heard the other day. “The last day of President Trump’s inauguration.” And the next sweetest word I want to hear is: “Former President Donald Trump spent the first day as a prisoner in federal prison …” with Hallelujah at that time.

And, of course, on the way out of the door, the thin skin of the trampel had to forgive the entire raft, albeit sadly. Steve Bannon? You need to cramp my beefaloni. I checked his amnesty list, and I checked it twice, and I’m a little surprised that the orange Fockstick didn’t give James Earl Ray and Timothy McVeigh a posthumous amnesty. I will. Not you

Therefore, for many Americans, their favorite show was canceled by the power of the ballot box. I have sympathy here, I have to tell you. I remember the fall of 1960, when I was nine years old, when the popular TV show “Howdy Doody” was cancelled. But since we survived then, a few years later, we were against a random war armed with less than equal torches and rakes compared to those random white militia “anti-government protesters.” It was big and strong enough to cause hell. Armed with today’s state-of-the-art military hardware, it’s ridiculous.

OK, wait a minute. Maybe now on Wednesday, January 20th, in a hazy apartment, I heard Judge Sonia Sotomayor swear at Kamala Harris as the next Vice President of the United States. Now I got chills, teary eyes, or two.

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Jeez louise remembers a few years ago. A man tells me: “Arty, writing your essay must be a good cure, Aina?” And if it’s such a good cure, I’d say President Orange Circus Peanuts tweeted those stupid ass. Remember that I asked him to start writing a newspaper essay instead of always sending it. On the treatment table, it becomes our “President”. It reminds me:

A psychiatrist receptionist says, “Doctor, there is a patient here who thinks he can’t be seen.” The psychiatrist says, “Tell him that you can’t see him now.” Ba-ding!

The man is completely naked except for the layer of Saran Wrap and steps into the psychiatrist’s office. The psychiatrist says, “I can clearly see that you are crazy.” Ba-ding!

Why can’t I hear a psychiatrist using the toilet? Hey, because “p” is silent. Ba-ding!

The man goes to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist says, “What do you do to make a living?” The man says I’m an auto mechanic. The psychiatrist says, “OK, go under the couch.” Ba-ding!

So if whiplashing these essays from the top of your head is a good remedy, I think it makes Artie his own therapist. I think you can save about $ 200 an hour by eliminating the intermediary. So the drink is for me. And as a therapist, one thing I know is that we can all use extra pads on our backs. In fact, I got a better idea. In addition to tapping your back, you can also use an additional $ Jackson in your back pocket, right? Wait a minute, I got a better idea.How’a match, for example, you go to meet one of these psychiatrists for a little shrink wrap and he gives at the end of the session You are Not the other way around, a clear $ 100. Thank you for the dough. I’m already feeling better about myself. And isn’t that the point?

It’s ridiculous if you know it, but if you had a psychological racket in the past, you might wonder what would happen these days. Back in 0027 or something, they draw Jesus into a spiritual session. “Well, Christ, it seems to me that I’m dealing with a pattern of self-destructive behavior here. I think you were clinically depressed, but it hasn’t been invented yet. About the Savior. That’s a great idea, but what about the future? Do you actually see this at the age of 40 or 50? And you say one thing , Then do something else. “Love your neighbor” I’m fine. But then you bankrupt the temple that changes their money. What I want to do is meet every week for a long time. Christ, who is your healthcare provider? “

I’ve heard that some psychiatrists like to quiz patients about their dreams. If I was looking at the shrink instead of looking at myself, I would just tell him about what I had the other day: this would be:

Vladimir Putin, Art Kumbalek and Donald Trump face firing squad in a small country in the Middle East. Vladimir Putin was first leaned against the wall and shouted “earthquake!” Just before the order was issued. The firing squad panicked and Vlad jumped over the wall and escaped in turmoil.

Art Kumbalek was the second one leaning against the wall. The troops were reorganized and Artie pondered what he had just witnessed. Artie said before the order was issued again. Sandstorm! “Again, the team panicked and Artie slipped through the wall.

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Now it’s Donald Trump’s turn. He thought, “I see the pattern here, hey, I’m very smart.” He confidently refused to blindfold when the firing squad was reorganized. As the rifle was lifted in his direction, he raised his thumb, pushed his chin out, and shouted “FIRE!”.

OK, genug iz genug. Last Note: In favor of the death of another “stable genius” record producer Phil Spector from New York City. Hope the trumpists will soon reach their senses, as Donald J. Trump’s only song that can be played in the empty arena rally is The Righteous Brothers classic “You lost that affection.” ..

And when it comes to music, this is about Trumpty-Damty’s departure from DC, this is New York Daily news: Later, Trump and First Lady Melania set out for an Air Force One flight to Florida as Village People’s “YMCA” played in the background with a sense of discomfort. When the plane took off, Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” version was played as a background. “

What a ridiculous idiot? “YMCA”?Yeah, that’s what I was humming when he left, only in my version, “YMCA” You-Motherfocking-CIsogeny-Asshole,’Because I said that at ArtKumbalek.

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