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Anderson Co. emergency services tells community not to ‘panic buy’ amid Colonial pipeline shutdown – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2021-05-11 20:54:14 –

Anderson County, South Carolina (WSPA) —Anderson County Emergency Services authorities have instructed the Colonial Pipeline Company to obtain only the fuel it actually needs due to the ongoing temporary closure.

A county representative said on Tuesday that normal fuel use would provide sufficient fuel supply.

They encourage people not to rush to buy up.

“We are not in a position where people need to do that, because what happens in the end is a neighbor’s tank where they get excess fuel and that fuel is available to others. Because we take it out of, David Baker, director of Anderson County Emergency Services, said:

According to the Colonial Pipeline website, it typically transports over 100 million gallons of fuel daily across the country, including Anderson County.

“Remember that the colonial is a pipeline. It’s the actual fuel supply to the tank. The colonial is not necessarily a local independent retailer or an independent supplier. They are the final Will be a supplier to those people, “Baker said.

“We have two pipelines, the main pipelines that feed fuel directly into our area,” Baker said. “The colonial pipeline is clearly currently under discussion, is under cyberattack, is actively going through the system and trying to recover things,” he said.

“Obviously, you just get what you need throughout the week and hopefully by that time you’ll see a recovery and an increase in supply,” Baker said.

Governor Henry McMaster has released a Facebook message that reflects the same.

“My office is in constant contact with the regulatory staff’s office regarding the temporary closure of the colonial pipeline and is ready to take additional steps that may be necessary,” the message said. read.

“Our state is currently in a state of emergency, and transportation exemptions and price cuts are in place to facilitate fuel delivery and protect consumers,” the message continued. “You don’t have to rush to refill your gas tanks or storage gas. The pipeline will be back in operation by the weekend.”

According to Baker, the colonial pipeline has already restored parts of its system in certain areas.

“Some areas of their line have been restored. They are slowly but surely passing through their system,” Baker said. “Now that’s not the case with fuels coming directly into our area entering the Berton area, but some of the other parts of their pipeline did.”

Baker also said fuel would come in from another pipeline.

“Remember now that we have a plantation pipeline, so we still have the fuel that is being shipped locally here,” Baker said. “And at the bottom of the state where the pipeline is supplied, there is also the ability to carry additional trucks here.”

Regarding their emergency vehicles, Baker said he had an underground storage that was used to fuel all emergency vehicles.

“From the county’s point of view, there’s an underground storehouse here that fuels all emergency and county vehicles. Talking to the fleet manager this morning, I’m pretty good at sitting.” Says Baker. ..

Baker says they are still very careful and encourages everyone else to do the same.

“We use fuel as needed. Certainly, we don’t refill vehicles that we aren’t using,” Baker said.

“What we recommend to people is that they are very aware of their needs for the next few days to a week and don’t have to worry about next week, two weeks, etc.,” Baker said.

Anderson County Emergency Services said it is in constant contact with the state’s emergency management department and Colonial Pipeline. Baker said the colonial pipeline wants everything to be fully restored by the weekend.

Governor Roy Cooper also declared a state of emergency in North Carolina and signed an executive order to temporarily suspend fuel regulations for automobiles to ensure adequate fuel supplies throughout the state.

Anderson Co. emergency services tells community not to ‘panic buy’ amid Colonial pipeline shutdown Source link Anderson Co. emergency services tells community not to ‘panic buy’ amid Colonial pipeline shutdown

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