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Anderson Co. to see competitive pay increase for teachers – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2022-06-30 19:23:21 –

Anderson, South Carolina (WSPA) – As the new school year approaches, all districts of Anderson County are working to increase rewards for teachers.

School leaders said there were several factors in the proposed salary increase.

Robert Vinicker, director of Anderson District 1, said Anderson County is growing. This means higher demand.

“We raised more than 500 students this year, which was an unusually high growth for us,” said Vinicker.

Another factor is to give the county a competitive edge.

“We are all competing for good teachers, and salaries are certainly part of the equation for teachers to choose a district,” says Vinicker.

Finally, Kyle Newton of Anderson District Five said it would help fight rising living costs.

“You had to be competitive because what you see nationwide definitely has an impact on us locally. Keeping the level of staff and excellent teachers, new If you want to hire a teacher, you need to raise your salary, “Newton said.

The proposed salary increases in each district mean that all teachers earn at least $ 43,000 a year to get started.

The highest starting salary is $ 45,000 a year.

School leaders say the amount varies from district to district.

Proposed teacher starting salary:

  • District 1: $ 43,582
  • District 2: $ 44,230
  • District 3: $ 44,320
  • District 4: $ 45,000
  • District 5: $ 44,500

“I think everyone is aware of the need to pay your employees well,” Newton said. “That is, when you think about education, you think about teachers.”

Proposals for increases in each district must be approved by the Anderson County Board of Education.

It is scheduled to pass in July.

Anderson Co. to see competitive pay increase for teachers Source link Anderson Co. to see competitive pay increase for teachers

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