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Anderson County to begin road improvements in some subdivisions this summer – Valley Stream, New York

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Anderson County, South Carolina (WSPA) – More than $ 1 million in road improvements have been brought to Anderson County, thanks in part to the petrol tax paid by pumps.

Anderson County said it had been working for some time and now it’s finally time to pave many roads in some plots.

“They are definitely potholes. There are several calls that the road has broken. When you reach the point where some of them are, when the water goes under them, there are just holes and they come off. Start. They’re driving almost dirt at some of those points, so when you reach this point, you’ll be completely rehabilitated, digging it completely down to the roadbed, and down the road from bottom to top. It’s time to rebuild, that’s what we’re trying to do, “said Matt Hogan. Anderson County Road and Bridge Manager.

“We’re approved for just over $ 1 million and we’re planning to pave about three miles here in Anderson County. There are some long-listed subdivisions to be paved, so we Will start them this summer, “Hogan said.

For $ 1.3 million, about 30 small roads, mostly fragmented, will receive some relief.

“The very first thing I can say is a happy day. That’s really great news. It’s 1 because there are lots of holes in the car and lots of difficult things in the car when you actually drive around the town, around the state. It’s going to be one big plus. Just fix them and you’ll have a smoother road, “said Whitney Rowe, who lives in Anderson County.

“These are all county roads. These are mostly subdivided. The Governor’s Subdivision is paved. There is another Innsbrook Subdivision on the outskirts of Shackleburg Road. Williamston’s Forest Hills Subdivision. These are all paved. It’s a county road to be paved. As I said, it’s a total of just over three miles across the project, “Hogan said.

Airports and Shirley Dairy Roads are also mixed for road improvement. According to Hogan, some roads have been undeveloped since the mid-1980s and are now being rebuilt.

“You actually have to dig 6 to 8 inches into the roadbed and rebuild the gravel underneath the asphalt, so hopefully it will last for another 25-30 years,” Hogan said.

Hogan said this was a good start as he wanted to do more work in the future.

“With the county, we work with the county council and the administration to come up with a way. We have to do something. In Anderson County, considering the roads and their condition, only asphalt pavement Everyone knows that they are considering several different options for generating a certain income, so I hope it will come next year or so, “Hogan said. “That would be a big help. I think we’re heading in the right direction to get a good road paving program in Anderson County, and we’re estimating about $ 12 million a year,” Hogan said. ..

Rowe said he was happy that the kids could play without hitting the bumps on the road.

“The big thing for subdivision is for our kids, and for those who like to ride a bike and push small toys and toys here. It’s positive that there isn’t much wear on the road.” Said Rowe.

According to Hogan, the crew will be paved throughout the summer. The county expects the project to be completed by the end of November.

Anderson County to begin road improvements in some subdivisions this summer Source link Anderson County to begin road improvements in some subdivisions this summer

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