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Wichita, Kansas 2022-05-03 23:14:02 –

Andover, Kansas (KSNW) —Opened after a long weekend recovery.One of the businesses affected Andover tornado I was able to open the door again. But for them and other companies in the area, the recovery process can be time consuming.

Over the weekend at Woodard Mercantile, more than 50 volunteers rushed to work and helped the business recover. The owner sharing him was surprised at how many people came during business hours on Tuesday.

Gerald Woodard, owner of Woodard Mercantile, said:

After a long weekend cleanup, I returned to Woodard’s business.

“We have a large U-Hall business, and many U-Halls went over Kellogg to the next yard and wrapped up the trees. One of the warehouses was damaged and the goods collapsed there. “Woodard said.

As internal transactions continued, external workers pushed the warehouse up and collapsed, recovering some of the internal merchandise.

“Ultimately it will have to be demolished, and then we will have to decide to rebuild from that point on,” Woodard said.

Opposite Kellogg, the M & M golf car lost its roof due to a storm. Three brothers from Missouri came to see the damage this weekend.

“The building is still standing. There wasn’t much personal property damage. There aren’t many golf cars on the premises at this time of the year. Conversely, if you go 100 yards, golf carts are scattered throughout the area. They would be pretty light and could easily be picked up by the wind, “said Steve Miller, co-owner of the M & M golf car.

The team on Monday moved the unhit items to the warehouse.

The two companies shared that they are currently working with insurance companies to plan their next recovery process.

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