Andrew Cuomo faces investigation of alleged sexual misconduct

New York State Attorney General Letitia James began an investigation after two former aides accused Governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment.Cuomo I apologized To one of the women who said the apology was not enough.

James Said On Monday, she received a formal referral from Cuomo’s office and was able to select an investigator to investigate the allegations.

“This is not our responsibility to downplay, as allegations of sexual harassment should always be taken seriously,” James said in a statement, adding that the results of the investigation will be published after completion.

“All members of the Governor’s Office will cooperate fully. There will be no further comments until the report is published.” Said Beth Garvey, Special Advisor and Senior Advisor to Cuomo.

Charlotte BennettA second woman who accused Cuomo of sexual harassment said in a statement Monday that the governor “refused to admit or take responsibility for his predatory behavior.” The governor’s 25-year-old former secretary asked whether Cuomo was romantically involved, whether she was monogamous in her relationship, and whether she had sex with an older man. He insisted that he asked.

Cuomo tried to apologize in a statement on Sunday.

“I now understand that my interactions can be insensitive or too personal,” he said. “Some of what I said is misunderstood as an unwanted flirt. To the extent someone feels that way, I’m really sorry.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City joined the growing voice in favor of an independent investigation on Monday.

“He seemed to say,’Oh, that’s a joke.’ Sexual harassment isn’t fun,” he said.

The second accusation comes after another former aide, Lindsey BoylanHe sexually harassed Cuomo and accused him of creating a hostile work environment in his blog post.

New York State Senator Alessandra Biaggi, who worked in the Governor’s Office in 2017, called Cuomo’s alleged behavior “inappropriate” and “abuse.”

“He actually said he intended to make those words playful, and there’s no playful territory. Is the Governor having sex with an older man on a 25-year-old young staff member? , Or sex outside of her relationship, which is not only inappropriate but also abusive, “she said.

Andrew Cuomo faces investigation of alleged sexual misconduct

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