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Zennie62Media Note: Judges Both sides of the political passage Representing an anti-racist approach, we invite people from the bench to showcase racism and use it as a tool for shaping legal decisions.

Auckland News Now – Andrew Hanen, a federal judge in Texas, ruled that the DACA (Child Arrival Postponement Act) was “illegally” formed and ordered the Biden administration to suspend the new application of immigration policy. The ruling came from a December 2020 proceeding centered on whether President Obama had the authority to create a DACA program in 2012, and whether his administration did it properly. Given their opposition to DACA, many legal observers expected Judge Hanen to find a way to oppose DACA. Judge Hanen did. The Biden administration has announced that it will appeal the ruling.

DACA was created to qualify people from all countries illegally brought to the United States as children with a renewable two-year deferral from deportation and a work permit in the United States. It was. Judge Andrew Hanen, appointed by Bush, was a voice critic of DACA. In other words, he has spent years chasing it.

In addition, Judge Andrew Hanen nailed racists to the comments he made in connection with it, and to immigrants coming from Mexico to Texas.consider This entry from The· New York Times February 17, 2015:

Judge Hanen, appointed by President George W. Bush in 2002, condemned the Obama administration’s immigration policy in several unusually candid decisions. Presidential supporters said they were shopping at the venue when Texas officials leading the state proceedings chose to file in Brownsville.

However, at a hearing on January 15, Judge Hanen said Brownsville, on the border with Mexico, was a suitable place for proceedings as residents witness the effects of immigrants every day. .. “Talking to someone in Brownsville about immigrants is like talking to Noah about the flood,” Judge Hanen said.

In a long and colorful opinion last August, Judge Hanen said the Obama administration had adopted a deportation policy that “endangers the United States” and “openly invites to the most dangerous criminals in society.” I started from the problem at hand to blame.

In addition, Judge Andrew Hanen carried out the elimination of DACA using a legitimate lens combined with its racism. In the past, Judge Hanen was forced to accept DACA. His new ruling reflects an attempt to maintain DACA for those who benefited from the law a few years ago, but will no longer help others.

In 2016, Hanen was called Joe Alpay, a federal judiciary and anti-DACA judge.

AmericaVoice.org There is a post It features another attempt to attack DACA from 2016, racist, sexist, and racist Arizona security officer, who finally landed many examples of full power. He reveals that he was called “Federal Judiciary Joe Alpaio” by mentioning him on charges of contempt of court before receiving pardon from President Donald Trump.

Regarding Judge Hanen, AmericaVoice.org reports:

On Wednesday, August 8, 2016, the Child Arrival Postponement (DACA) program returns to court, this time with Judge Andrew Hanen of Texas and a renowned anti-immigrant enthusiast deciding the fate of the program. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton led Hanen’s approach to court. why? In the short term, as a means of bidding for the DOJ to further bind DACA to the court system, a proceeding is filed in front of a judge who successfully blocked President Obama’s decision to expand DACA and extend relief to his parents. To wake up. To end it in the Supreme Court.

By 2020, AmericaVoice.org called Texas Judge Andrew Hanen “one of the greatest threats to DACA.”

Unfortunately, there are many appointed and elected officials in the United States who have built their careers from the enactment of immigration policies. But as far as activist federal judges go, perhaps no one is as prominent as Judge Andrew Hanen of the US District Court in Southern Texas. Appointed by former President George W. Bush and confirmed by the Senate in 2002, Hanen has repeatedly used his position to dismantle progressive immigration policy. And his allies on the right to alien exclusion have repeatedly called on him for anti-immigrant rulings. And an injunction.

Hanen’s ruling has been repeatedly described as strange and unjustly harmful to immigrants. Many of his decisions include an intrusive order for the government to hand over the names, addresses, and “all available contact information” of more than 100,000 migrants, and a decision requiring hundreds of government lawyers. , Finding its anomalous nature. Those who have never appeared in court — to attend a corrective ethics class.

But he undoubtedly tried to use his power to dismantle or dismantle both policies, a ruling on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Deferred Action for American Parents (DAPA) programs. Best known in. Even today, after the Supreme Court DACA’s decision in June 2020, Judge Hanen and his cohort have been part of an ongoing legal attack on the program.

Therefore, the recent attack on DACA by Judge Andrew Hanen of Texas is not surprising and shows how important it is to be politically active in the United States.

stay tuned.

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