Andrew Tate is no careless bastard child of feminism.He’s the last gasp of sexism | Martha Gill

Mefeminism is ultimately responsible for the rise of Andrew TateThe leading “billionaire” and self-proclaimed misogynist who once claimed that women should be “responsible” for sexual assault and was arrested last week on human trafficking charges in Romania? Is it a progress for equality in the West that a young man is joining his 4 million followers online?Many are wondering.

“His attractiveness … should be seen as a prime indicator of some of the genuine disorientation felt by millions of boys and men,” writes author Richard Reeves. ”. Boys are being overtaken by girls in education. Men no longer know who they should be.

“In a time when all manner of masculinity is morbid,” wrote Patrick Hess. critic“Some boys and young men will find Tate’s brand of male chauvinism appealing.”

“Do you hate it when young men flock to Andrew Tate?” Read popular tweets on the subject. “Inspire their greatness instead of building up their heads with constant shame and disappointment.”

Is the misogynistic anger of young men in the West correlated with their new economic and social status? Bastards of Tate Equals? It’s a theory.

I have only one problem. Take a look at the world’s more established patriarchies — countries where men still hold the hand of the whip distinctly — as many angry young men as there are but a few glimmers of feminist progress. We find ourselves flocking to misogynistic ideologies in. Except they get mad. And there are many of them.

took In South Korea, women still earn only one-third the wages of men, has the worst gender pay gap in the wealthy world, and cultures of harassment include hidden cameras in women’s restrooms. was enough to spark a massive anti-feminist movement among the youth of the United States. A 2019 survey found that 60% of her men in their 20s said discrimination against women was not a serious problem, and two-thirds thought inequity towards men was a major problem. Yoon Suk-yeol, the country’s anti-feminist leader, won the young men’s vote last year. blamed feminism.

Or take Slovakia. It ranks 24th out of 27 EU countries when it comes to gender equality. A woman earns up to a quarter less than her man. Yet it is also her EU member state with the highest percentage of young men who oppose progress in women’s rights. feminism Compared to the EU average, Slovakia is making snail-like progress. But Slovak men are the most angry of the block.

India has a thriving men’s rights movement that emerged in 2000 from its opposition to a law protecting women from dowry violence. Young men have since flocked to the movement, fueled by what they see as “gender-biased laws”. It is a country that is far behind in terms of economics.

It may not be real unfair, but recognized Is it unfair to piss these young men off? And is this perception directly fed by the prevalence of sexist narratives in the societies they live in? Is that why anti-feminist backlash is exacerbated with more extreme patriarchy? Is it the remaining sexism in the West, rather than the relative equality of the West, that is responsible for the popularity of people like Tate?

It makes sense in a historical context. Resistance to equality movements is generally strongest when the movement is in its infancy. Consider the reaction to the anti-racism policies of the 1950s. Then consider the reaction today when most right-thinking people are convinced by the idea that racism is deplorable. Tate is the final gasp of sexism. Not the bastard child of feminism.

And are we really in a “masculinity crisis”? House traces the “masculinity crisis” back to the 1880s, when the roles available to women expanded. The masculinity crisis erupted in her 1960s and her 1970s. The masculinity crisis was a central motif in British films of the 1980s and her 90s, and in China the government shows the “crisis of masculinity” between boys and men. (In China, women in their 20s still face tremendous pressure to quit their jobs and get married.)

Indeed, Western women have overtaken men in some subjects in the relative meritocracy of formal education. The pay gap for young employees has been eliminated. But young men can see farther and predict a brighter future than young women. They can look to her 30s and her 40s and predict the likely winning parenting pay gap. We can look at a small percentage of women who are at the top of most career ladders and predict a more successful 50s and 60s. In fact, men are no shortage of role models either. Men have entire libraries, film archives, and leaders in nearly every country and profession. I am concerned about the “status loss” of young men. Asking a young woman how she feels about her “status”, haunted by street harassment, low rape convictions, and a TV schedule full of dead sexy female bodies Rarely.

Why does Tate really appeal to young men? Young men, like everyone else, believe that they are special and deserving and that others are to blame. Thought sensitive. And like everyone else, they behave as badly as society allows. The West is still full of sexist narratives. Tate is not a sign of excessive equality, but of excessive patriarchy. The real job is to get rid of it.

● Martha Gill is a political journalist and former lobby correspondent. Andrew Tate is no careless bastard child of feminism.He’s the last gasp of sexism | Martha Gill

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