Andrew Yang admits in New York Mayor’s race

Mayor candidate Andrew Yang greets his supporters at a hotel in Manhattan that was recognized during the Mayor’s campaign in New York City on June 22, 2021.

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Andrew Yang approves race to replace Mayor Bill de Blasio after it becomes clear that he will not get enough votes, even if the ranked choice votes and absentee ballots have not yet been counted. I did.

An entrepreneur who has run for president and has never been in power thanked his wife and supporters at the Hell’s Kitchen Hotel late Tuesday night, about two hours after the vote ended, and the campaign is great. Said that he learned a lot. About the city.

Yang advertised that he had more individual donors than any other campaign and talked about the growing anti-Asian hatred and how it played a role in his campaign.

“I’m not going to be the mayor of New York based on tonight’s numbers. I admit this race. I don’t know who the next mayor will be, but I don’t know who that person will be, but I’ll work with them. We are very pleased to improve the lives of the 8.3 million people in our big city, and encourage everyone here to do the same, “said a 46-year-old Democrat. Said in a speech.

Yang said he didn’t regret working with rival Kathryn Garcia and added that she would do it again because she believed she should be the next mayor.

As of early Wednesday morning, Brooklyn President Eric Adams appeared to be taking a fragile lead because he wasn’t too far behind Garcia and Maya Wily.

Andrew Yang admits in New York Mayor’s race

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