Android Exclusive Apps vs. Apple Exclusive Apps

Apple iOS and Google’s Android operating systems are the main operating systems dominating the smartphone market. Android is a partly open source and Linux-based software that’s more PC-Like than iOS, with its basic features and interfaces being more customizable than its competitor. However, the uniform design elements present in iOS are mainly seen as more user-friendly.

While both operating systems will allow you to visit GO, you must be careful when choosing between Android and iOS devices. That’s because switching between iOS and Android requires you to purchase the applications again from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Here’s the biggest difference between Android and iOS core applications.

Google Photos vs. Apple Photos

Google is known for creating lots of reliable iOS apps that lots of Apple users depend on instead of using Apple’s core applications for general information and reliability. However, Apple Photos is one of the applications which many users haven’t been tempted to switch despite having numerous annoying flaws, as it holds its weight against Google Photos.

For starters, Google Photos comes out as the superior option due to its 15GB free storage and unlimited picture storage for pixel owners. That’s a significant advantage compared to the 5GB offered by Apple with an iCloud that is shared with your application backups. Additionally, Google Drive ranks as the best cloud storage service available, outranking iCloud.

Google Photos is also leaping ahead of Apple photos in sharing pictures by creating photo albums. On the other hand, Apple features Airdrop and shared albums, but various users can’t access or edit original photos unless you give them the login details to your iCloud account. However, Apple and Google Photos stand toe-to-toe in terms of photo editing by a single user, although iOS devices come with extra tools like adjusting curves and removing red-eye.

Pages vs. Docs

Google Docs is by evidently the most popular service between the two for personal and promotional use, with Apple Pages largely ignored. However, Apple’s word processing application has several robust features, including:

It automatically saves any changes almost instantly.

In comparison, Google Docs is relatively easy to use, which explains why almost everyone with a phone or computer loves using it. The app lets you share your documents with everyone, including people without a Gmail account. It also plays nice with office files and comes in handy for anyone looking to save time by creating documents on a small screen.

Each of these two apps has its unique strengths and features that justify a user picking one over the other. Fortunately, Apple users can easily access all Google Workplace apps (like sheets, docs, and slides) on their devices, so there’s no need to switch to an android device to use them.

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps

Google Maps is yet another popular mobile app that has been used across the board, including by iOS users. Apple’s version is by far less accurate than Google Maps, which has been improving for years using satellite data. However, Apple has tried to revamp their app in their iOS 13, but that hasn’t helped it very much as most people are accustomed to saving their addresses in Google’s system.

The biggest difference between the two is in the information delivery and the aesthetic. Apple Maps offers smaller icons that make it less accessible, but it also reduces crowding in the map when delivering information. Google, on the other hand, makes the location icons larger and more generic, with many buildings remaining empty blocks unless you zoom in closely.

Overall, Google Maps comes out as noisy and ugly compared to Apple’s version which offers well-rendered buildings, landmarks, and interiors of malls. Looking beyond the aesthetics, most recommendations from Apple rely on Yelp while Google pulls the information from search engine recommendations and their user reviews. Additionally, Google is the only app that allows users to download offline maps.

iOS vs. Android Apps: Which One is Better?

While iOS is arguably superior with iOS apps compared to Android, Google has done better with most core apps like maps, docs, and photos. Google has made numerous efforts to give android users the best operating system in terms of customization and features, but it remains behind Apple in the application ecosystem. However, the differences between their application ecosystems are fairly subtle in various ways, so you might not need to shift from Android to iOS operating systems to enjoy some apps.

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