Andy Slavit, Omicron Covid Variant, Vaccine

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A former White House adviser said Monday that the new Omicroncovid variant is at high risk of unvaccination and there is reason to believe that the current vaccine is “very effective.”

“What we know for sure is that it’s a dangerous variant for unvaccinated people,” said Andy Slavit on CNBC.Skoke Box Asia.. “

“What we have to learn is whether it’s omicron, that is, how the delta spreads in a strong environment,” he said.

Slavit was previously a senior advisor To the president Joe Biden’s The Coronavirus Response Team operated the Medicare & Medicaid Service Center under the Obama administration.

What we know about Omicron

The Omicron strain was first identified by South African scientists and Detected in some countries Includes US, UK, Australia and Germany.

Health experts are concerned On the transfer coefficient of the Omicron variant, taking into account mutations and profile abnormal constellations that differ from the mutant strains of previous concern. Scientists are also trying to figure out how effective current vaccines are in protecting people from serious illnesses caused by new strains.

“I think there is good reason to believe that vaccines are effective, if not effective, and that boosting immunity is very effective,” Slavit told CNBC. “But pharmaceutical companies are back on the drawing board.”

Covid vaccine maker Pfizer, BioNTech, Modana, Johnson & Johnson When AstraZeneca Said They are investigating and testing variants of Omicron..

Slavit said there may be an updated vaccine available in the next few months, if needed, before the Omicron variant begins to spread meaningfully.

But the main problem facing the world today is vaccine inequity. Information edited by Our World In Data We have shown that about 44% of the world’s population is fully vaccinated against Covid-19. However, in low-income countries, very few people have taken at least one dose.

Slavit explained that it is still too early to see how Omicron works compared to the deadly Delta strain.

“When we have a variant that replaces Delta, which is not serious or can be easily treated with drugs, it will be a very new day for this pandemic. You can knock on the wood that is happening now. At Omicron. Instead, it could be the next scenario, “he added, adding that such a scenario could bring Covid closer to a common cold.

Andy Slavit, Omicron Covid Variant, Vaccine

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