Angela Ingersoll Brings the Legendary Judy Garland to Life – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2022-05-09 14:29:53 –

Angela Ingersol defines the best “entertainment troopers” as witnessed in her opening night performance. Be happy: Angela Ingersol sings Judy Garland In the stacker cabaret of the person in charge.

“Showbiz is raining on me tonight,” she shouted behind a changing screen on stage, dealing with a misplaced brooch and loose shoe straps. But she made it all very fun with a witty improvisation, along with a really great performance singing a songbook of one of the most lasting and legendary performers of the 20th century.

Singing a life-size talent song like Garland is a difficult task. Does she sound like her? Does she behave like her? Does she even look like her? answer? Yes, but Ingersol was given her strong determination to bring her own style and non-stop energy for two hours (including a 15-minute break) to entertain every moment. She shows the best of the word “entertainment world”.

Backed by a talented trio of pianists / conductors with percussionist Charles Heath and upright-based Millwalky’s own Jeff Hamann, Ingersol has the openers “Smile”, “I Got Rhythm” and “Singin’in the Rain”. Go back and forth.And her intimate knowledge of behind-the-scenes anecdotes amplified music like “Trolley Song” (Gene Kelly broke her leg a week before filming. Meet Me in St. Louis.. Please enter Fred Astaire).Or how “somehow beyond the rainbow” barely reached the final version Wizard of Oz..

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What impresses with Ingersol’s performance is the naturalness of her voice. This is not just an imitation. It’s Garland’s recognizable low-throat contralto that eases with “stormy weather” to Garland’s victory, “The Man Who Got Away,” rather than hitting the top note she’s doing very well. Is to reach deep for. And the song, along with “Make Someone Happy” and the show’s title number “Get Happy,” actually crossed the complete change in Ingersol as she saw her constantly entertaining and needing to connect. increase. And then there’s that classic Garland pose. She grabs the microphone with her right hand, points her left arm straight up, and stretches her hand behind her to grab the stars in the sky.

2022 will mark the 100th anniversary of Garland’s birth. And there is no better way to celebrate her life and music. be happy..

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Be happy: Angela Ingersol sings Judy Garland It will run until July 1st at Stacker Cabaret, 108 E. Wells Street. Recommended for ages 12 and up. For more information, please call your representative ticket office (414-224-9490) or visit the following website:

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