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Denver, Colorado 2021-07-18 13:09:47 –

Berlin-German Chancellor Angela Merkel investigates what she called a “surreal and ghostly” scene in a devastated village on Sunday, swiftly as the flood deaths in Western Europe exceeded 180. Promised to refocus political assistance on financial assistance and climate change control.

Chancellor Merkel toured Schuld, a village on the sharp curve of the Ah River in western Germany, where many buildings were damaged or destroyed by a soaring flood on Wednesday night.

Mayor Schuld said no one was killed or injured there, but many other places were not so lucky. The death toll in the Ahrweiler area, where Schuld is located, was 112. Officials said people were still missing and feared that the number of victims would still increase.

In Germany’s most populous neighboring state of North Rhine-Westphalia, 46 people were killed, including four firefighters. Belgium has confirmed 31 deaths.

Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was away from Surreal, still partially rubble and mud in the bright sunshine, and said “the true picture of a surreal and haunted situation.”

“It’s shocking. There are few words in German that have been devastating,” she said at a press conference in a nearby town.

Chancellor Angela Merkel said authorities will work to “set the world step by step in this beautiful region,” and her cabinet will approve immediate and medium-term financial assistance programs on Wednesday.

Finance Minister Olaf Scholz told Bild am Sonntag that he would need more than € 300 million ($ 354 million). And he said authorities had to set up a long-term reconstruction program worth billions of euros from previous flood experiences.

“Thankfully, Germany is a country that can manage this financially,” said Merkel, who resigned as prime minister after the September elections. “Germany is a strong country and we will face this natural force in the short term, and in the medium to long term, through policies that are more natural and climate friendly than in recent years. Will be. “

Climate scientists say the link between extreme weather and global warming is undeniable, and the urgency of tackling climate change is undeniable.

Scientists are still uncertain whether climate change caused floods, but argue that it does exacerbate extreme weather events on display around the world.

Angela Merkel tours “surreal, ghostly” flood scene, vows aid, climate action – The Denver Post Source link Angela Merkel tours “surreal, ghostly” flood scene, vows aid, climate action – The Denver Post

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