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MT. Juliet, TN (WTVF) — Volunteers stood up to help flood the animal shelter, allowing rescuers to save a newborn kitten that was tightly trapped in a window.

True rescue On Mount Juliet, they helped animals evacuated from the Waverley Flood and the homes of hurricane Ida refugees from Louisiana, but now they themselves need help.

Water was pouring into the shelter on Saturday. “”[It] The atrium, which has kittens, was immediately flooded. “

She said there was a few inches of standing water. Some cats jumped to hills while others were playing there. “Some people were laughing because they had their towels on. Before I knew it, the water was really gushing out and it looked like a really sad attempt to stop it, but it soon came in.” Says Simlik.

They asked for help and the volunteers took action. “We had the carpet company Quality Carpet Cleaners put out here on their holidays, and they brought in fans, they brought in wet dry vacuum,” Simkik said. ..

They had to respond to emergency rescue while the shelters were flooded. During the heavy rain, cats and newborn kittens were often in the windows. Hopefully the rescued kitten will be adopted within a few months.

True rescue

Kittens were often rescued from windows during floods.

“It was very overwhelming when we finally decompressed and realized the wonders of what the community gives, allowing us to go out and give to the community, our team just It’s more than thankful, “Simcik said.

On Monday, water began to seep into the building again. Now they are trying to find a way to stop the flood. “Getting a new drainage system will cost more than $ 15,000,” Simkik said. “It’s a little difficult.”

They want to be able to fix it with the support of the community. “We’re actually going to have a grand opening on October 9th and it’s going to be hell or high water. We have it,” Simkik said.

They accept donations through their Paypal account.

Originally based in Lebanon, they moved to Lebanon Pike on Mount Juliet to secure more space. They will eventually be refurbished as well.

Animal shelter dealing with flooding in need of help Source link Animal shelter dealing with flooding in need of help

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