Anjaneri Hill

Anjaneri Hill

                                     Anjaneri Hill

The city of Nasik and its surrounding areas are enveloped in the beauty of Mother Nature. Hills, valleys, lakes and major rivers are a part of this natural abundance. Thus Nasik has a number of tourist destination. Nasik is an abode for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Anjaneri Hill lie between Nasik and Trimbakeshwar. This hill range is a versatile place. It is popular as an important pilgrimage site as well as is famous for its natural exuberance. People from different parts of Maharashtra come to visit this place in search of peace and tranquility.

More about Anjaneri Hill

In addition to its natural beauty and religious significance, Anjaneri Hill is also famous for its forts. This this place is also an ideal destination for people interested in exploring historical places.  Anjaneri Hill houses the famous Anjaneri Fort. This fort is the major tourist attraction in here. One can reach the Anjaneri Fort via Anjaneri village. The fort offers a panoramic view of the Trimbakeshwar Peak and the back waters of Vaitarna and Brahmagiri.

It is situated at an altitude of 4642 feet. A visit to Anjaneri Hill is a complete fun package. This place gives the visitor the unique opportunity to explore things out of one’s comfort zone. When in here one can explore.

Things to explore and do when at Anjaneri Hill

Anjaneri Hill is a famous trekking spot. Hardcore trekkers come here with their friends to have a good tome here. A weekend trekking trip to Anjaneri Hill is a rejuvenating experience. The dense forests and rugged landscape poses several challenges for the trekkers yet none are unfathomable. The overall climb up the hill is an experience in all and the view from atop the hill is again an altogether different experience. People who like adventure and that extra kick in life come to enjoy the trekking experience offered by this place. The best time of the year to come here for trekking is during the winter season. Summers are hot and the rainy season can prove to be a little risky. So, if you are planning a trekking trip with friends then this is your destination.

Anjaneri Hill is a heaven for people who love photography. The spectacular surroundings of this place makes it an ideal destination for taking pictures. Professionals as well as amateur photographers come in here to hone their photography skills. The lush greenery at Anjaneri Hill couples with the lofty hill ranges here are mesmerizing.

The Anjaneri Hill also houses a cave known as the Sita Cave. This cave has two rooms which can accommodate a total of 10 to 12 people.

Spiritual Importance of Anjaneri Hill

It is said that Anjaneri Hill is the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. The name Anjaneri refers to the name of Lord Hanuman’s mother Anjani. A temple known as Anjani Mata Temple is housed on this hill. This temple attracts keen devotees of Lord Hanuman.

A Tourist’s Guide

Anjaneri Hill as mentioned above lies between Nasik and Trimbakeshwar. It is at a distance of 26 km from Nasik and 11 km from Trimbakeshwar. The magnificent trekking destination in here lies on a path down a plateau.

The nearest railway station from here is Nasik road railway station. The nearest airport from Anjaneri Hill is Gandhinagar International Airport. One can easily find public transport for moving in and around Anjaneri Hill. This includes bus, auto and cab service. So, transportation is not a big deal when one has to move from one place to another. If you are planning a trip of a few days to explore the length and breadth of this place then one can find accommodation in the city of Nasik. Nasik hosts several hotels for the convenience of travelers.

Anjaneri Hill has a lot in store for a traveler. The natural diversity of this place in the form of hills, lakes and waterfalls is like a poet’s dream. This place is pollution free. When in here one can forget the hustle and bustle of one’s life and relax in the beauty of Anjaneri Hill. The spiritual importance of this place attracts even more visitors here. So, in order to enjoy a complete package of a myriad of fun experiences one must visit the Anjaneri Hill.

Vaagisha Singh

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