Anne Hathaway wants to be called Annie: Video

Call me by her name! Anne Hathaway Fans say she calls her the wrong name throughout her career.

Appeared on January 12th (Tuesday) Tonight’s show with Jimmy Fallon, The Devil Wears Prada Star, 38, revealed her favorite name.

“Call me Annie, everyone. Call me Annie,” she pleaded, adding that she wanted to be called “something other than Anne.”

According to the actress, the confusion over Hathaway’s name began when she was a teenager. She appeared in a commercial at the age of 14, and then had to fill out a Screen Actors Guild card. “And I was like,’Well, that must be my name,'” she explained during the episode. “My name is Anne Hathaway.”

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problem? In her life from New York, she was the only one who called her by her birth name, her mother, “only when she was really angry,” she said. “So I think they will yell at me every time I go out in public and someone calls my name.”

Hathaway’s name may have been a mystery until now, but she’s not the only one. The Oscar winner finally confirmed his second son’s name in October 2020, almost a year after his birth.

“Jack is big enough to fight [older brother Jonathan], And it brought a new element to their really cute relationship, “she said. Kelly Lipa And Ryan Seacrest During the interview at that time.

In fact, she was pregnant with her second baby while filming HBO Max. A lot of witches“Technically, he covers all of that performance,” she told Live With Kelly and Ryan in October.

We weekly Two weeks after confirming the baby’s gender, the name news was released in January. Hathaway showed off his son’s photo at the Critics’ Choice Awards that month, saying, “This is him.” We..

Emmy Award winners announced their pregnancy on Instagram in July 2019. “It’s not a movie. No. 2. Joking aside, for everyone experiencing infertility or conception hell, know that it wasn’t straight to either of my pregnancies,” she said. Is writing at that time. “I will send you extra love.”

Her husband, Adam Shulman, who married Hathaway in 2012, decided early on not to post his child on Instagram. “I decided to post a shot behind [Jonathan’s] Head [in March 2017]She told Jezebel in 2019. “As soon as I did that, I wish I hadn’t. I felt like I broke some sort of seal by inviting people to my life.”

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Anne Hathaway wants to be called Annie: Video

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