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Another journalist known for their work covering Virginia Beach leaves the shrinking ranks of The Virginian-Pilot – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia 2021-07-29 07:11:11 –

Seen outside Virginia Beach City Hall last year, journalist Peter Kutu is one of the recent departures from a Virginia pilot. His work included addressing the issue of Southern Virginia Beach and floods. [John-Henry Doucette/The Princess Anne Independent News]

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Virginia beach — What was your first journalism job after graduating from Peter Coutu’s college? Virginia pilot In 2018, he didn’t take much time to make a difference.

He applied the lessons learned from University Report on Lottery Winners From Wisconsin to Virginia, public records, analysis and shoe leather were used to show that repeaters were lucky. Very lucky price..

Investigations and changes continued.

Coutu started as an intern and then pilot We worked with staff and the Virginia Beach team to cover the largest city in the Commonwealth. He wrote news and feature articles, often focusing on Southern Virginia Beach. Natural resources Of our basin.

Coutu is a young journalist who can both write and report.

He doesn’t do either around here anymore.

He is the latest departure from the staff pilot It is under the corporate control of Tribune Publishing and Hedge Fund Alden Global Capital. Eight journalists from the joint in June pilot When Daily press Acquired by staff Including another Significant loss in our city, Alyssa Skeleton Covering Virginia Beach Government.

According to members of the Tidewater Media Guild, the union’s position in the treatise has declined from 101 to 36 in the last three years since the acquisition by Tribune. pilot..Guild work is both news positions pilot And that Daily press..

Coutu said he took part in the acquisition but couldn’t get it. He left for an opportunity with another news agency in New York anyway.

“There are many things I wanted to do. pilot“Coutu said in an interview that the local dailys still have good people and are grateful to work there.

Initially he had little experience with floods and sea level rise, but he was interested in the environment and pilot Pursue such a story.

“That’s also a big problem,” Coutu said. “This is one of the big problems that many reporters consider writing about issues like’high mission’and try to make it interesting. It seemed like there were a million different stories. “

Reporting and writing environmental stories is complex, and Coutu has earned the respect of many of the people he has covered through the accuracy and clarity of his work.

City councilman Barbara Henry represents Princess Anne’s district, an area that covers the southern cities. She said Coutu’s departure was disappointing because environmental issues are so important here.

“He was really top notch and he knew the problems and did a good job of getting them right,” Henry said. “It’s not right for an area so large that there are no good newspapers. It is necessary. People need it …. He couldn’t leave for us at a worse time.”

Jared Brandwayne, Executive Director of the Back Bay Restoration Foundation, said:

“It’s terrible to lose him,” Brand Wayne said. pilot staff. “That’s bad for the basin.”

Karen Forget, Executive Director of Lynnhaven River Now, said: pilot There is a strong environmental reporting tradition, including the work of the late Scott Harper and the recently retired Dave Mayfield. pilot.. Coutu wasn’t his only beat, but he was one of the reporters who covered some of his work.

“The tradition reflects how important it is,” Forget said. “I think we’re losing a lot. We can influence change at the regional level, especially when talking about environmental issues, we have big challenges. Our economy, Our way of life, everything is centered around water. “

Forget the changes mentioned in pilot It’s happening when the city is facing a public policy debate.

Mayfield retires pilot Journalists called Coutu a good reporter in a telephone interview earlier this month.

“Every story he worked on, he worked,” says Mayfield, who said the talented people. pilot, And they are still trying to do important work to inform the community.

“As staff shrinks, it’s harder to cover something deeper, and certainly harder to cover with the breadth of the past,” says Mayfield. “I’m worried about staff cuts, especially when we see staff cuts of this same importance, as do citizens in areas vulnerable to sea level rise and floods.”

Significant flood and environmental policy issues, including Southern Virginia Beach, are hot topics, but top journalists dealing with such issues are now leaving Virginia Pilot’s shrinking staff. [John-Henry Doucette/The Princess Anne Independent News]

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Another journalist known for their work covering Virginia Beach leaves the shrinking ranks of The Virginian-Pilot Source link Another journalist known for their work covering Virginia Beach leaves the shrinking ranks of The Virginian-Pilot

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