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Another record breaking heat day with isolated afternoon thunderstorms – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-06-17 07:27:42 –

Today’s weather forecast:
Today, both Colorado Springs and Pueblo are experiencing record heat, spreading the 90s and seeing three-digit numbers across the plains.

Wildfire smoke fills the sky again today from vigorous fires in southwestern and western Colorado.

The storm again begins in the mountains around 2-3 pm and is slowly pushed east into the I-25 Corridor until the end of the day. We do not anticipate bad weather, but some strong storms can dampen strong winds.

Colorado Springs: High: 98; Low: 63. Cloudy afternoons, hot daytime temperatures, scattered showers and stormy skies until the end of the day. Rain from storms may be less common, but gusts and strong winds can occur.

PUEBLO: High: 102; Low: 62. It is sunny and cloudy in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon. It gets very hot today and at the end of the day there are some isolated showers and thunderstorms that are windier than rain.

Canon City: high: 99; Low: 62. It is sunny, hazy and very hot today, with showers and storms in the afternoons and evenings.

Woodland Park: high: 86; Low: 56. Today is a cloudy to cloudy sky, with high daytime temperatures and possible storms in the afternoon.

Try Lake: high: in his 80’s; Low: 50’s. It’s hot and hazy today, cloudy during the day, and possible storms in the afternoon.

Hirano: high: 1000s; Low: 1960s. It is very hot today, the eastern part of Pueblo County is mostly sunny and could remain dry in the same area east of Pueblo County.

Walsenberg / Trinidad: high: 90’s; Low: 1960s. It’s cloudy and hot today, with more clouds in the afternoon, most likely to enter Sangles on the west side of the interstate.

Mountain: High: in his 80’s; Low: 50’s. Warm and smoky conditions fill the sky above the mountains with scattered showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. There are no heavy storms, but strong winds can blow.

Expanded outlook:
Friday’s cold front morning brings Colorado a bit of heat relief by lowering the highlands into the 90’s and deviating from the three-digit numbers that cross the plains. Friday afternoon and evening storms can get stronger and spread a little further as you leave the mountains, as there is a bit of extra humidity behind that cold front.

More scattered strong to heavy storms form on Saturday afternoons, moving east until evening. An isolated daytime storm can occur on Sunday afternoons, but in reality it only occurs in some parts of the mountains. Mondays will be much cooler, with more rain and thunderstorms during the day.

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Another record breaking heat day with isolated afternoon thunderstorms Source link Another record breaking heat day with isolated afternoon thunderstorms

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