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Another round of light snow expected late Monday – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2020-12-13 19:20:45 –

Tonight’s weather forecast:
After a really cold day, there are even colder nights in southern Colorado. Most areas fall to single digits and teens, but in the San Luis Valley you can see negative cyclones and dangerous wind chill values.

Colorado Springs: Low: 15; high: 41. It is warm on Mondays and the maximum temperature is much closer to the seasonal average. The snow shower will shift to the forecast by evening time, and the total by Tuesday morning is expected to be less than an inch.

Pueblo: Low: 11; high: 42. Weekdays begin after such a cold weekend, with partially cloudy skies and some warming. Snow showers are expected to occur on Monday nights, with less than an inch of snow until Tuesday morning.

Canon City: Low: 19; high: 44. Cold lows on Monday mornings turn into more seasonal afternoons as the highs warm up in their mid-40s. You can shower in the late afternoon and evening snow until Tuesday morning, with less than an inch of snow.

Woodland Park: Low: 16; high: 36. Monday’s highs are rather warm and it snows by late afternoon. It can snow 1-2 inches until Tuesday morning.

Try Lake: Low: 10 seconds; high: 30s. It’s not as cold as the weekends, but the week in northern El Paso County is still off to a pretty chilly start. Snow showers are available until late afternoon, with 1-2 inches of snow by Tuesday morning.

Hirano: Low: 0 seconds / 10 seconds; high: 20s / 30s. Very cold mornings across the plains have lows that turn into slightly warmer afternoons, with some places having highs above freezing. The next light snow will move on Monday night, expecting somewhere up to 2 inches by Tuesday morning.

Walsenberg / Trinidad: Low: 10 seconds; high:Forties. The almost cloudy sky and slightly warm highs on Monday will turn into another snow by Monday night. The total amount of snow in this storm is light, typically 1-3 inches.

Mountain: Low: 0 seconds / 10 seconds; high: 10 seconds / 20 seconds. The growing clouds will turn into snow by Monday afternoon and may snow until Tuesday morning. This is generally not expected to be a large snowmaking machine totaling 2-4 inches.

Expanded outlook:
As it snows early Tuesday morning, cold highs and cloud declines are seen during the afternoon hours. Tuesday’s highest temperatures in southern Colorado only warm in the 20s and 30s. Great warm-ups continue until mid-week, above average by Thursday, most in their 40s.

Another round of light snow expected late Monday Source link Another round of light snow expected late Monday

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