Anthony Mackie Appears on TV Show in Legendary Car Combat Game “Twisted Metal”

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This Week’s Racing Game News:

Anthony Mackie will appear in the next “Twisted Metal” TV series as John Doe

Deadline reported earlier this week Marvel’s new Captain America, Anthony Mackie, will star in the next “Twisted Metal” television show. “Twisted metal” is pretty sure Best car It’s the best combat video game series ever, and there haven’t been any new releases in the series for years, but the fact that things seem to be going on on TV shows is a big sign that a new game may be in progress. is.

Mackie probably plays a human character named John Doe. If the show is true to the story of the game, he may be a pilot. In 1976 Pontiac LeMans was colloquially called “Roadkill”. One of the weirdest of the main crops of vehicles available in the game.Sounds like a series Also works Fan’s favorite character Needles Kane is driving Sweet tooth ice cream truck Similarly, however, it has not yet been announced who will display the character on the screen. Think of us as excited.

A strange mobile version of “Wipe Out” will be available on iOS and Android in 2022

In a strenuous move that is sure to annoy hardcore fans, the “Wipeout” series is getting a new game, but it’s just one. Announced this week That “wipEoutRush” (yes, the way it’s actually stylized) will appear exclusively on mobile devices next year, and strangely, it’s a kind of card management game, like an iteration of the past. Not a traditional racer.

Fans of the “Wipeout” series have been waiting for new games, at least since the introduction of “Wipeout” in 2017.Wipeout Omega Collection“It was released, but it was still just a remastered version of the previous game. The last truly new” wipeout “game,”Wipeout 2048“I’ve been back in 2012.

As expected, the response to announcements is unresponsive, with YouTube announcement videos collecting more than three times the amount of likes and dislikes on the platform. It’s not objectively bad to see old games come back with new and different ideas, but this seems a bit irrelevant. Check out the announcement video below and let us know what you think in the comments.

The “Rocket League” Championship Series wins a ridiculously large prize pool

The official “Rocket League” professional league, RLCS, is back in a new season. Not only will it expand the competitive area and shake the tournament format a bit, but this season it will offer $ 6 million, the largest prize pool in the series.

This follows an exciting announcement that the organizers are trying to revive the face-to-face event this season as well. This previously had to be paused due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But now it looks like the face-to-face game is back at the table. This should benefit as well as players who no longer have to rely on local internet connections when playing games that can win thousands. Not just for the dollar, but for fans who want to be part of the energy of a live event. Check out the announcement video just below.

Anthony Mackie Appears on TV Show in Legendary Car Combat Game “Twisted Metal”

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