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Ants in the Pants celebrates four years producing children’s playwrights – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-06-16 06:33:38 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) — A non-profit organization of children in Las Vegas will celebrate its fourth anniversary in June with a mission to foster children’s imagination through theater.

Pants production ants Since 2017, it has brought children’s creative playwrights to life throughout the valley. Dramas such as “The Cursed Necklace” and “Turtle Town” are shows written and produced by school students and staged by professional adult actors.

“I really like how to create something you like about a topic,” said Sophie Brown, an Ants writer in pants. “It could be completely crazy, and it fits really well.”

The organization started out as an activity for local parents, but has become a production company all year round. Founder and Executive Director Rebecca Kernes states that this writing is a release. She said it would allow children to express themselves in a way that was more important than their parents expected.

“Obviously, some of these plays are about what’s happening in children’s lives,” Kerns said. “We lost friends in a way and couldn’t go to see them safely, so we have to deal with many children who are depressed in a way without knowing they are. I had to. “

After more than a year of quarantine, the ants in the pants have found a way to continue working for their children.

“We turned to making videos instead of doing live theater shows, so at least they could see their story come alive.”

Playwrights like The Alien and the Duck and Sean the Mage Meets his Greatest Enemy were one of the few videos produced through the pandemic. By shifting the focus to this style of production, students were able to stay connected with their friends and continue to express themselves through writing.

“I really like how you create stories with others. It’s a lot of fun to share ideas and talk about writing with others, even if you’re not together. It’s so nice.” Sophie said.

Pants production ants Part of the tuition fee will be donated to the scholarship program, giving children of all financial backgrounds the opportunity to participate.

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