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Anxiety to blame for dozens of vaccine reactions at 5 mass vaccination sites – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-04-30 18:15:36 –

New York — The CDC warns COVID-19 vaccine providers to be aware of post-vaccination anxiety-related reactions. Authorities concluded earlier this month that it was uneasy to have caused reactions such as fainting, dizziness and nausea at mass vaccination facilities in five states, not a vaccine issue.

Between April 7-9, mass vaccination sites in California, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, and North Carolina reported clusters of adverse reactions after vaccination of patients with the Johnson & Johnson single-shot COVID-19 vaccine. Four of the five sites were temporarily closed to investigate the reaction.

Overall, CDC says Of the 8,624 doses administered at these sites during that period, 64 adverse reactions were reported.

Of the 64 reports; 56% experienced lightheadedness or dizziness, 31% experienced excessive sweating, 27% fainted, and 25% experienced nausea or vomiting. Patients ranged in age from 18 to 77 years.

Health organization these are All symptoms of the reaction caused by anxiety. This is a phenomenon that has been reported for decades with various vaccines. Patients become stressed and anxious about receiving injections, which manifests themselves as physical symptoms and reactions.

Approximately 20% of people who responded in the field of mass vaccination in this study told vaccination providers that they had been fainted in the past when vaccinated.

“Vaccine providers are aware that anxiety-related adverse events may be reported more frequently after vaccination with Janssen COVID-19 than after influenza vaccination, and all COVID-19 vaccinations. It is important to observe the side effects of the person for at least 15 minutes, after vaccination. ” In their report..

The CDC states that the reaction was temporary and nothing was considered serious. They found that the rate of anxiety-related reactions after COVID-19 vaccination was similar to other post-vaccination anxiety-related reactions, including annual influenza vaccination.

Anxiety to blame for dozens of vaccine reactions at 5 mass vaccination sites Source link Anxiety to blame for dozens of vaccine reactions at 5 mass vaccination sites

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