AOC accuses Kamala Harris of telling Guatemalan immigrants not to come to the United States | US immigrants

Progressive New York representative Alexandria Ocasiocortes Criticized Vice President Kamala Harris To say Undocumented immigrants from Guatemala should not come to the United States.

Harris visited on his first foreign trip as Vice President. Guatemala on Monday. At a press conference with Guatemalan president Alejandro Jamatti, a former California senator talked about investigating corruption and trafficking in Central America and talked about the future in which Guatemalans can find “hope to stay at home.” ..

But she too There was a clear message Under the Biden administration, illegally staying Guatemalan immigrants will not find comfort at the border with the United States.

“I want to be clear to the people in the area who are thinking about dangerous trekking to the US-Mexico border,” she said. “Don’t come. Don’t come.”

Kamala Harris tells immigrants
Kamala Harris tells immigrants “Don’t come” during talks in Guatemala – Video

Late Monday, Ocasio Cortez criticized Harris On twitter, Called her comment “disappointed to see.”

“First, seeking asylum at the U.S. border is a 100% legal way to arrive,” she said in the 2018 primary, influential on the Democratic left, widely known as the AOC. One female parliamentarian said.

“Second, the United States has contributed to the overthrow and destabilization of Latin America for decades. We cannot help blaming someone for setting fire and fleeing.”

Some human rights groups Also raised a voice..

Rachel Schmidtke, a Latin American advocate for the non-profit Refugees International, said: Biden administration To Guatemalans to develop policies recognizing that many Guatemalans need to seek protection until they address the long-standing factors of displacement and to reflect America’s commitment to the right to seek protection internationally. Readjust the message. “

A non-profit organization that supports asylum seekers, the Asylum Seekers Defending Project Tweeted: “Kamara Harris, seeking asylum is legal. Returning asylum seekers is illegal and dangerous and often drives them to death. Seeking asylum is a right under US and international law. . “

Harris, who visited Mexico on Tuesday, also faced questions about the choice not to visit the US-Mexico border as part of his trip, focusing on addressing the “root cause” that encourages immigrants to flee their homes. He said he was guessing.

“I’m in Guatemala because I’m focusing on the root cause of immigration,” Harris told NBC’s Lester Holt. “Some people may think it’s not important, but if you care about what’s happening at the border, I think it’s better to be aware of the root causes and address them. Is a firm belief. “

In an NBC interview, when asked why she didn’t visit the border as Vice President, “I’ve never been to Europe, that is, I don’t understand what you’re saying. I’m not downplaying its importance. “She told reporters in Mexico City that she promised to eventually visit the border.

Despite Joe Biden’s attempt to lift restrictions on the Trump era at the border Including changes in asylum procedures, Harris speech On Monday, he emphasized his continued stance of denying illegal immigrants from entering the country.

Central America has long been affected by poverty and violence in a persistent cycle of political instability. Caused by a criminal eliteExperts claim that the United States has supported a repressive spite of Continuous danger Migrants often face when traveling north, but the journey is safer than at home.

“People are leaving as the corrupt government (US-backed) has tolerated and encouraged the growth of these criminal gangs,” said Jeff Four, founder of the Institute for Economic Policy. In an interview with USA Today.

During April According to CNNWith more than 178,000 immigrants arriving at the US-Mexico border, the monthly total is the highest in 20 years.

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AOC accuses Kamala Harris of telling Guatemalan immigrants not to come to the United States | US immigrants

Source link AOC accuses Kamala Harris of telling Guatemalan immigrants not to come to the United States | US immigrants

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