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Washington (AP) — The Justice Department is expected to file a lawsuit on Tuesday alleging that Google is exploiting its online advantage in online search to curb competition and harm consumers, the issue said. A person familiar with the matter told the Associated Press.

The proceedings represent the government’s most important action to protect competition since the groundbreaking proceedings against Microsoft more than 20 years ago. Given the ongoing investigation of major tech companies such as Apple, Amazon and Facebook by both the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission, the proceedings precede other major government antitrust laws. There is a possibility of simultaneous shooting.

Legislators and consumer advocates say Google, whose parent company Alphabet Inc. has a market value of just over $ 1 trillion, has used its online search and advertising advantages to curb competition and boost profits. I’ve been blaming you for a long time. Critics say the multi-billion dollar fines imposed by European regulators in recent years and the mandated changes in Google’s practices aren’t strict enough, and structural changes are needed for Google to change its behavior. Insist.

The proceedings will be filed in federal court in Washington, DC, claiming that they are exploiting their online advantage in online search to curb competition and harm consumers, a person familiar with the matter. Told AP. It also claims that Google has used billions of dollars raised from advertisers to pay phone makers to make sure Google is the default search engine for their browsers. The person was unable to publicly discuss the issue prior to the official announcement scheduled for late Tuesday morning and spoke to AP on anonymous terms.

The Trump administration has long looked at Google. President Donald Trump’s chief economic adviser said two years ago the White House was considering whether Google Search should comply with government regulations. Trump himself often criticized Google, with conservatives saying that search giants were conservative-biased, restraining their perspective, blocking U.S. elections, and preferring to work with the Chinese military over the Pentagon Reusing unfounded claims.

Google controls about 90% of global web searches. The company is prepared for government action and is expected to violently oppose any attempt to force the service to be split into separate businesses.

Based in Mountain View, California, the company has long denied allegations of unfair competition. Google claims that the business is large, but useful and beneficial to consumers. The service faced sufficient competition and unleashed innovations that help people manage their lives.

Most of its services are provided free of charge in exchange for personal information that helps Google sell ads. Google claims it has no special power to force people to use free services or prevent them from going elsewhere.

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