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Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-09-21 18:39:09 –

Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – For the first time, one of the Albuquerque police officers Massive shootout at Dutch Brothers.. parking. Officers are experienced sergeants and have been in the military for decades.

Even a 27-year patrol would not have been prepared for what Sergeant Sean Kenny would bring on August 19. The day began with armed robbery off Central and Juan Tabo. Kenny was only a few blocks away when he and police officer James Ichel, along with police officer Mario Barbeck of the hilly patrols, said he and police officer James Ichel were chasing the suspect in the alley.

With gunshots still ringing on the radio and in the busy Dutch Brothers Coffee parking lot, Kenny arrived at the scene and made a decisive decision immediately. “I threw a rifle plate carrier. It’s important to turn off the rifle, not just the pistol,” Kenny said.

Kenny says the shoot lasted about two minutes.The suspect has run out of ammunition most of the time, but the timeline didn’t make sense to Kenny, as the suspect’s shooter says. James Ramirez I was ready. “This guy absolutely planned … 100% he knew what he was doing. 100%. He had a lot of ammunition. He had a lot of magazines and I was ready to go to war with someone, “Kenny said.

Officers immediately detained Ramirez, who was injured, but no one left unharmed. Officer Harry Ganderson was hit by a shrapnel, Officer Barbeck was shot in the neck, Officer Ichel was shot in the arm, and Sergeant Kenny was shot in the chest.

“He begins to feel around and says you think you’ve been beaten. Sure enough, I got a small notebook that pulls it out, and surely it has a hole in it. I’m … I I was beaten, “said Kenny.

While Kenny’s bulletproof vest saved his life and was praised by city leaders, Kenny wasn’t ashamed of his belief that the criminal justice system was broken and put everyone at risk. “The violent criminals who use guns are not 100% in business in our city. If they are just about 4 minutes long in a stand-up gun battle between us 4 If you’re going to shoot a person’s officer … what are they going to do to everyone else? Things have to change. You need to change the system, “says Kenny.

Kenny also said it is now important to recruit and retain Albuquerque police officers if the city really wants to turn crime around.

APD officer speaks out on August shooting Source link APD officer speaks out on August shooting

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