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Honolulu, Hawaii 2020-10-13 21:30:00 –

Apple has announced four new iPhones with technology for use in faster new 5G wireless networks. It expects the demand for faster data speeds to stimulate the demand for new phones.

That may not happen as fast as Apple wants.

In today’s virtual presentation, the company announced four 5G-enabled versions of the new iPhone 12. Prices range from about $ 700 to about $ 1,100. Apple has also announced a new, cheaper version of the HomePod smart speaker.

Smartphone sales have slowed for years as technology matures. This means that there are far fewer innovations that can drive demand and, at least until recently, create increasingly expensive phones. In addition to its pandemic-related economic crisis, consumers tend to take as many lives as possible from their existing phones.

However, Apple is clearly betting that 5G speeds can drive many users out of the fence. At that event, the company boasted about 5G capabilities and invited Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg to defend the carrier’s network.

5G should be much faster, for example, downloading movies and games faster. However, finding those speeds can be difficult. Telecommunications operators are deploying 5G networks, but significant speed gains are still rare in many parts of the world, including the United States. So far, there are no popular new consumer applications that require 5G.

Technology analyst Patrick Moorehead mentioned 5G features and camera upgrades for high-end phones, saying that new phone updates are primarily a “gradual improvement” over previous iPhones. .. But he suggested that if carriers build 5G networks fast enough, many people can start a “super cycle” to switch to 5G phones.

If so, that could be a big deal. Creative Strategies mobile expert Carolina Milanesi said the financial distress caused by the pandemic and the associated unemployment can easily curb its buying urge.

Apple’s new models include the iPhone 12, which starts at nearly $ 800 with a 6.1-inch display, and the iPhone 12 Mini, which has a 5.4-inch display and starts at nearly $ 700. High-end iPhone 12 Pros with more powerful cameras start at around $ 1,000. With a 6.7-inch display, the 12 Pro Max will bring back buyers by at least $ 1,100. Apple said the phone should be more durable.

With a move that may frustrate some consumers, Apple will no longer include a charging adapter for new phones. It says it means a smaller, lighter box that is more environmentally friendly. However, Apple sells power adapters for about $ 20 and $ 50 separately, depending on the charging speed of the phone.

The iPhone models announced today will be available at different times. iPhone 12 and 12 Pro will be available from October 23rd. Mini and ProMax will continue on November 13th.

This compresses Apple’s windows to boost excitement for the major holiday season.

While other parts of Apple’s business are growing faster than they are today, the iPhone is currently the largest technology Jaguar Note business worth about $ 2 trillion, and a stay-at-home order imposed in the United States in mid-March. In a deep depression, which is almost double the value of the decree when it plunged the economy.

The pandemic temporarily paralyzed Apple’s overseas factories and major suppliers, delaying the launch of the latest iPhone in late September. The company also closed many stores in the United States for several months due to a pandemic, robbing Apple of a major showcase of its products.

Apple said Tuesday that it would reduce the size and price of HomePod speakers to catch up with Amazon and Google in the Internet-connected speaker market, but with little dent. Both Amazon and Google are trying to position the speakers Echo and Nest as low-cost command centers to help people manage their homes and lives. The HomePod costs almost $ 300, but it costs only $ 50.

The new HomePod Mini costs nearly $ 100. Of course, Apple’s own music service will be integrated with Pandora and Amazon music services in the “next few months.” Apple didn’t mention music streaming giant Spotify. It will go on sale November 6th and will begin shipping in the week of November 16th.

Research firm eMarketer estimates that about 58 million people in the United States use Amazon Echo and 26.5 million use Google Nest speakers. About 15 million people use HomePods or speakers sold by other manufacturers such as Sonos and Harman Kardon.

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