Apple car is suffering another setback

Following a few months of news Apple Inc.Was discussing with a battery supplier The iPhone supplier seems to have returned to its original state in order to establish the company with the hardware and know-how needed to build an electric vehicle. There are reports claiming that talks with China’s Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL) and BYD are stalled.

Technology giants are said to keep their channels open, but over the past two months, companies have informed Apple that they aren’t planning to set up teams or US facilities that only meet their needs. .. Panasonic in Japan is still mixed as a potential partner, but it looks like other companies are bowing. It is said that there are various reasons, but it is said that the political tension between the United States and China is one of the causes.

according to Reuters, CATL has generally hesitated to build factories in the United States. Due to the heightened political turmoil between Washington and Beijing, foreign entities are hesitant to strengthen industrial relations between the two countries. Sources claimed that Apple’s specific requirements turned out to be more than both Chinese wanted to address.

from Reuters:

[CATL] He added that it was not possible to set up another product development team to work exclusively with Apple because it was difficult to find enough people.

BYD, which has an iron-phosphate battery plant in Lancaster, California, has refused to build a new plant and team dedicated to supplying Apple, two sources said.

They added that the deadlock in the debate meant that Apple was considering a Japanese battery maker and sent a group of people to Japan this month.

One said Panasonic is one of the companies Apple is considering.

The negotiations are to be kept secret, so everyone keeps sealing their lips. However, a CATL representative said the company is still considering options and has not made a final decision on increased involvement with the United States.That probably means Apple still has a chance to make a deal, which would conflict with what secret sources say. Reuters..

“We appreciate the opportunities and potential for manufacturing localization in North America,” said the battery company, adding that it has a dedicated team dedicated to each customer.

Our advice is not to hold your breath on the fictitious iCar. I’m literally writing about how Apple cars have been implemented since 2016 And it never seems to make a real step forward.Project Titan has been Delay, cancel, and restart Very often, it’s not even worth the hope until you have a working prototype. The changing tastes of tech giants from being blamed for manufacturing by other entities also complicate matters and may have to completely forget their partnership with the Chinese.

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Apple car is suffering another setback

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