Apple CEO Tim Cook breaks EU-proposed digital market law

Apple CEO Tim Cook will speak at the 2019 Dreamforce conference in San Francisco on November 19, 2019.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook believes that the European bill, known as DMA, “is not in the best interests of the user,” indicating that iPhone makers are opposed to European law.

“I think there’s a good part to the technical regulations being discussed, and I don’t think it’s in the best interests for users,” Cook said in a video conference at Vivatech on Wednesday. Meeting in France.

European Union proposed Earlier this year, two laws regulating big tech companies, the Digital Services Act and the Digital Market Act. DSA focuses on the online advertising industry, while DMA focuses on companies with a large number of customers, such as Apple. Google And Amazon -And set rules that require competitors to open up the platform.

One of Cook’s legal issues is forcing Apple to allow sideloading of apps on the iPhone. It manually installs the software from the internet or files instead of the app store. Currently, Apple’s App Store is the only way to install apps on the iPhone, focusing on the iPhone. Proceedings And Regulatory authority In the world. Apple claims that managing the App Store guarantees high-quality apps and helps prevent malware.

Cook said the iPhone has a market share of only 23% in France, and allowing sideloading on the iPhone compromises both user privacy and security, with more malware on Android phones than on the iPhone. I’m mentioning that. Sideloading is possible on Google’s Android.

“To give an example that I don’t think is in the best interests, the current DMA language being discussed will force the iPhone to sideload,” Cook said. “Therefore, this is another way to get the app to the iPhone, and seeing it breaks the security of the iPhone.”

Cook said Apple would participate in the proposed regulatory debate, regulate the platform on issues that impose disinformation such as vaccine hesitation, and said some of the DSAs considered “correct.”

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Apple CEO Tim Cook breaks EU-proposed digital market law

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