Apple delays production of some MacBooks and iPads due to global semiconductor shortage

Image: iPad Pro. Source: Apple

Apple Inc (Nasdaq: AAPL) We have postponed production of some MacBooks and iPads amid the ongoing global semiconductor shortage. Nikkei Asia Reported on Thursday.

MacBook production is reportedly suffering from a shortage of chips on the computer’s circuit board, while the iPad is slowing down due to supply chain issues with display components.

As a result, Apple has postponed “part of the component order” to late 2021.

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The outlet did not say which MacBook or iPad model was affected, and whether the postponed production was due to an existing device or an unannounced update.

Nikkei pointed out that this delay could affect the launch of this year’s rumors about the company’s next-generation MacBook Pro and new iPad Pro models.

Recently Bloomberg News According to the report, the new iPad model is likely to be “a few weeks” away from launch.

Apple declined to comment on Thursday’s report, but sources told Nikkei that the supply of components for the iPhone was also “quite tight,” but “not yet affected product availability.” ..

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, chip supply has fallen below demand, affecting production in many industries such as smartphones, consumer electronics and automobiles.


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