Apple Introduces Four iPhones at Product Event

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Apple has launched four new 5G-enabled iPhones and announced a series of updates to some of its most popular devices, including the iPad and Watch. This is because some of the world’s most valuable companies have tried to regain public attention after months of scrutiny of antitrust laws.

The new iPhone 13 series features Apple’s new A15 Bionic chip, an in-house designed system-on-chip, and a video tool called “cinematic mode” that allows you to focus on your subject even when the user is moving. ..

Apple CEO Tim Cook said the lineup had “the biggest camera system breakthrough ever.”

“Camera performance has become the main battlefield for premium smartphones. It’s no wonder Apple has enhanced the game and added video features such as 3x optical zoom, macro photography, and cinematic mode to the top-end iPhone. That’s what Benwood, chief analyst, said. CCS Insight.

The more expensive “Pro” and “ProMax” iPhone models with three rear cameras include a 120Hz display that Apple calls “ProMotion.” That is, the screen is updated 120 times per second. Some Android devices already have a 120Hz display, but Apple is hesitant about this feature due to battery performance issues, according to analysts.

Paolo Pescatore, an analyst at PPForesight, called some features incremental, but said the tech group still has the opportunity to drive an “super cycle” of upgrades. “There are millions of users who haven’t upgraded to 5G yet,” he said.

Instead of Steve Jobs’ product focus and “another thing” surprise, Cook aimed to use Tuesday’s event to open new service revenue and prevent Apple users from switching to Android devices. We have made various small improvements throughout our portfolio.

“The more devices a consumer owns, the more valuable the subscription service will be,” said Julie Ask, an analyst at Forrester. “Apple continues to gain momentum here — and they do so with their billing relationships and the strength of their subscription services, which we all know to be tenacious.”

Product launches are at a difficult time for the company. The company has been plagued by headlines this year, despite a huge hit of $ 2.5 trillion in market capitalization, which has boosted its stake by 29% over the past year. Apple’s share price fell 1.5% on Tuesday afternoon to $ 147.32.

The company has been publicly available in recent weeks Labor dispute, NS Departure Top executives from that secret car project Arbitrage In an antitrust proceeding filed by online video game maker Epic FortniteAs a result, a court order was issued ordering Apple to make changes to the App Store.

The event on Tuesday began with two updates to the iPad. This includes the first redesign of the iPad Mini since 2019 and a 9th generation iPad with improved processors, which Melody Kuna, senior manager of iPad product design, called “a huge upgrade to the most popular iPad.” It is included. “.

According to Wood, the iPad update was “probably caused by the tablet renaissance as people rushed to blow dust from old devices to connect to their homes during a pandemic.”

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Jeff Williams, Apple’s Operations Chief, has announced a new version of the Apple Watch. It also has a larger, thinner screen for faster recharging.

Apple is also targeting health and wellness through Watch. The area that Cook promised will be the company’s greatest legacy.

“Apple Watch continues to sell in record numbers and dominates the smartwatch market far away,” Wood said. “Obviously, users are quite happy with their daily charging routine and expect other improvements to the watch to be very well received.”

Contrary to widespread expectations, Apple didn’t announce the third version of AirPods, the very popular wireless headphones.

Latest additions to Apple’s lineup

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iPhone: Apple has launched four new iterations of the popular smartphone, the iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. Pro models for gamers and video enthusiasts feature a 5-core graphics processor that Apple has described as the “fastest” smartphone. Prices start at $ 699 and start at $ 1,499 for a 6.7-inch model with 1TB of storage.

IPad mini: The new 8.3-inch tablet has a small bezel and a “full-screen design” that does not require a home button. Available in 4 colors, with 5G connectivity, it promises twice the performance of its predecessor. It also supports an Apple Pencil and a USB-C port that connects to a side magnet. It starts at $ 499.

iPad: The 9th generation of Apple’s most popular tablets starts at $ 329. Powered by Apple’s A13 bionic chip, it was 20% faster than its predecessor, according to the company.

clock: The seventh series of watches is 40% thinner, has smaller borders, and has a one-fifth larger screen. The battery life is 18 hours, but now it can be charged one-third faster. You can display the full keyboard on the screen. It will be “released later this fall” from $ 399.

Apple Introduces Four iPhones at Product Event

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