Apple removes Fakespot from the App Store after Amazon complains

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Apple We have since removed Fakespot, a well-known app for detecting fake product reviews, from the App Store. Amazon He complained that the app provided misleading information and potential security risks.

The Fakespot app works by analyzing the reliability of Amazon listing reviews and gives grades A to F. Next, we provide shoppers with recommendations for products with high customer satisfaction.

After fearing that a redesigned version of the app would confuse consumers by displaying Amazon’s website in the app with Fakespot code and content overlaid on it, Amazon launched Fakespot for investigation. He said he had reported to Apple. Amazon said it does not allow the application to do this. An Amazon spokeswoman claimed that “the app in question provides customers with misleading information about the seller and its products, harming the seller’s business and creating potential security risks.”

By Friday afternoon, the app was no longer available on the App Store following reviews from Apple.

Misleading or fake user reviews have proven to be a major issue for online retailers, including Amazon.The company has Recently strengthened that effort Detect and screen fake reviews. The third-party market, which consists of millions of sellers, has grown to account for more than half of the company’s overall sales, but has become a fertile land for fake reviews, counterfeit products, and unsafe products.Regulatory authority In the United States..And overseas We are taking steps to curb fake reviews both inside and outside Amazon.

Fakespot, ReviewMeta, as fake reviews continue to proliferate on the Internet Recon Bob..

Amazon reported the well-known fake review detection app Fakespot to Apple for investigation and triggered its removal from the App Store.


Apple said in a statement that Amazon began a dispute with the Fakespot app on June 8 over intellectual property rights. Apple said it provided Fakespot with instructions for keeping the app in the store, giving them “enough time” to resolve the issue. I then contacted Fakespot on June 29, a few weeks before the app was removed from the App Store.

An Apple spokeswoman didn’t immediately answer the question that Fakespot violated the App Store guidelines.

But Amazon pointed out to CNBC two subsections of Apple App Store Guidelines The Fakespot may have been violated. One guideline states that apps need to make sure that they are allowed to use, access, monetize, or view content from third-party services. Another guideline states that apps should not contain false information or features.

Amazon also claims that Fakespot’s coding technology will allow apps to collect and track information from customers.Company last January Made a similar claim Against PayPal-Honey Owned is a browser extension that warns users that they may find coupons while shopping online and pose a “security risk”.

Fake Spot: “They showed zero proof”

Apple removes Fakespot from the App Store after Amazon complains

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