Apple still relies on one core product to push the $ 3 trillion hurdle up.Apple

Mef Apple will be the world’s first $ 3 trillion company. iPhone It plays an important role in that feat. The tech company announced the latest iteration of its signature product on Tuesday, and the success of the iPhone 13 determines how quickly Apple will move from its current market capitalization of $ 2.5 trillion (£ 1.8 trillion) to $ 3 trillion. increase.

“we believe Apple Is on track to reach $ 3 trillion by early 2022, and the iPhone 13 will be the cornerstone of growth, “said Dan Ives of investment firm Wedbush Securities.

He doesn’t expect the company to change its forecasts with last week’s ruling. Don’t prevent app developers from leading users to pay outside the Apple app system – Hit one of the most profitable services.

However, stock prices may have something to do with the bounce from the new iPhone after Friday’s ruling. Apple’s market capitalization needs to rise by about 22% to exceed the magical $ 3 trillion – Reached $ 2 trillion only in August last year – And this year it has already risen 12%. The iPhone accounted for 50% of Apple’s $ 275 billion in revenue last year, and the next largest unit was its service sector (app stores, Apple TV, etc.), accounting for 20%. Therefore, Tuesday is important.

according to MacRumors website, The new iPhone is not a fundamental departure from its predecessor. The four models are available in sizes including 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches, and 6.7 inches. Two will be the high-end “Pro” series, and two will be more affordable. The main improvements to the iPhone 13s are expected to be the camera lens and battery capacity.

Despite the saturated and highly competitive global smartphone market, Ives believes that two factors will benefit the latest iPhones. It’s the global rollout of ultra-fast 5G networks and the fact that about 300 million iPhone owners haven’t upgraded their phones in three and a half years. Year.

With over a billion iPhones in use worldwide and smartphone owners using the app store to listen to AirPods, it continues to generate revenue for Apple.

Nonetheless, the launch has received generous attention, with expectations for the new Apple Watch and AirPods, emphasizing that the company is dependent on the iPhone.The secret attempt to launch a self-driving car Hit more last week When Ford loses the executive in charge of the program. He was the fourth senior member of the car team to leave since February. Sooner or later, CEO Tim Cook needs to find a big new hit.

But Ives is confident in Apple’s pipeline. “The iPhone will continue to be at the heart of Apple’s story for the next decade, but next year Apple will announce Apple Glasses and are confident that it will launch the Apple Car in 2024, despite its recent departure. increase.”

Goldman Sachs analysts are more skeptical, despite admitting that the pandemic has boosted demand. “Consumers are saving at a high level, and the value of Apple’s products is undoubtedly increasing with more flexible work and research,” said this year’s average revenue per customer, up 19% year-on-year. I predict that.

Goldman predicts a decline in performance next year. But he admits that Covid has changed consumer behavior, leaving bright 2022 potential. “I learned that it’s difficult to make predictions in a once-in-a-century pandemic,” he said.

Apple still relies on one core product to push the $ 3 trillion hurdle up.Apple

Source link Apple still relies on one core product to push the $ 3 trillion hurdle up.Apple

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