Apple’s iPhone includes new tools to flag child sexual abuse

On Thursday, Apple announced a change to the iPhone designed to capture nude photos sent to children or children. This could please parents and police, but it was already a concern for the privacy watchdog.

According to Apple, the iPhone will launch later this year using complex techniques to find images of child sexual abuse, commonly known as child pornography, that users upload to Apple’s cloud storage service called iCloud. Will be done. Apple also said parents will soon be able to turn on the ability to flag children when they send and receive nude photos via text messages.

Apple said it designed new features in a way that protects user privacy. This includes ensuring that Apple never sees or finds nude images exchanged in children’s text messages. The scan will run on the child’s device and notifications will only be sent to the parent’s device. Apple provided citations from cybersecurity experts and child safety groups that praised Apple’s approach.

However, other cybersecurity experts were still concerned. Matthew D. Green, a professor of cryptography at Johns Hopkins University, said Apple’s new features set a dangerous precedent by creating surveillance technologies that could be abused by law enforcement and government. I did.

“They have sold their privacy to the world and made people trust their devices,” Green said. “But now they are basically surrendering to the worst possible demands of all governments. I don’t know how they will say no in the future.”

Various reviews of Apple’s new features show the thin line that tech companies must walk between helping public safety and ensuring customer privacy. Law enforcement officers have complained for years that technologies such as smartphone encryption are hindering criminal investigations, but technical executives and cybersecurity experts say that such encryption is for people. It claims to be essential to protect data and privacy.

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Michael H. Keller and Gabriel JX Dance contributed to the report.

Apple’s iPhone includes new tools to flag child sexual abuse

Source link Apple’s iPhone includes new tools to flag child sexual abuse

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