Apple’s negotiations with Chinese battery makers CATL and BYD are reportedly at a standstill.

Shanghai / Hong Kong-Meeting with Apple Chinese CATL and BYD and above battery Supply for that plan Electric car Three controversial people said they were almost stuck after they set up a team and refused to build a US factory that caters only to tech giants.

People said the two companies had informed Apple at some point in the last two months that they couldn’t meet the requirements. However, according to one source, US companies have not given up hope of resuming negotiations with CATL or BYD.

Chinese battery makers are ahead of their rivals in developing low-cost lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, and sources have previously stated that Apple supports this battery technology.

One of those who directly knows the talks that CATL, the world’s number one manufacturer of EV batteries, is reluctant to build a factory in the United States due to political tensions and cost concerns between Washington and Beijing. Stated.

The Chinese company also added that it is impossible to set up another product development team to work exclusively with Apple because it is difficult to find enough people.

BYD, which has an iron-phosphate battery plant in Lancaster, California, has refused to build a new plant and team dedicated to supplying Apple, two sources said.

A deadlocked argument means that Apple is considering a Japanese battery maker, which brings a group of people Japan This month they added. One said Panasonic is one of the companies Apple is considering.

The source was not identified because the meeting was confidential. Apple, BYD and Panasonic declined to comment. CATL said in a statement to Reuters that it denied “related information.”

“We appreciate the opportunities and potential for manufacturing localization in North America,” he added, adding that each customer has a dedicated team of experts.

Sources told Reuters last year that Apple was aiming to launch Electric car By 2024 sources- id USKBN28V2PY. Apple hasn’t announced its plans.

The United States is at a dead end in discussions President Joe Biden Aims to make the United States a powerhouse of electric vehicles and has set goals 2030-industry-backs-Goal-2021-08-05 Have all half New car Sold by electricity in 2030.

Delays in securing battery supply could further hinder Apple’s EV development. Apple lost Doug Field, head of the car project, last month Ford Motor Co., Ltd.

Tesla Co., Ltd. making some of them Model 3 When Model Y Chinese cars powered by CATL’s LFP battery said this week that they intend to use the chemistry of the battery outside of China.

CATL and BYD use a type of battery pack technology to improve the performance of LFP batteries. Without it, LFP batteries typically offer a much shorter drive range and lower energy density than the more expensive lithium batteries that use cobalt and nickel.

(Report by Zhang Yan in Shanghai and Julie Chu in Hong Kong, additional report by Stephen Nellis in San Francisco and Tim Kelly in Tokyo, edited by Edwina Gibbs)

Apple’s negotiations with Chinese battery makers CATL and BYD are reportedly at a standstill.

Source link Apple’s negotiations with Chinese battery makers CATL and BYD are reportedly at a standstill.

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