Aprilia unleashes a medium-sized Tuareg 660 adventure bike

Italian motorcycle Maker Aprilia has announced an adventure-focused motorcycle named the Tuareg 660 (don’t confuse it) Specific VolkswagenIt’s smaller and lighter than many models on the market today. It will compete in increasingly crowded segments.

What’s popular in the automotive industry often pervades the world of motorcycles, and off-road is no exception. It seems that the number of riders who want to explore far away from the beaten road is increasing year by year. As a result, Aprilia’s long-awaited entry into the Yamaha Tenere 700-dominated segment features aggressive-looking tires and an adjustable suspension system with over 9-inch travel. There is a skid plate to protect the engine and the exhaust system is mounted relatively high to avoid expensive and inconvenient impacts with few obstacles.

Aprilia chose to power the 412-pound Tuareg with the same basic 659cc in-line 2-cylinder used in the RS660 and Tuono660. Midrange power at the expense of top-end growls. Because the bike is designed for off-paving use, it is believed that riders are likely to need rapid acceleration in less than ideal situations than a three-digit top speed.

Traditional analog instrument clusters have been replaced by 5-inch thin film transistor (TFT) screens that provide important data about Tuareg and its surroundings. It is also used to adjust various parameters (such as traction control systems and engines). braking Control), set cruise control and select one of the four available driving modes. Riders are also reported to have the option of selecting different engine maps and disabling the ABS system.

The price and release date of the Aprilia Tuareg 660 has not been announced. In context, the RS 660 mentioned above starts at $ 11,299 and the Tuono 660 has a base price of $ 10,499. Yamaha charges Ténéré $ 9,999.

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Aprilia unleashes a medium-sized Tuareg 660 adventure bike

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