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Students should also consider layering as windows and doors open to improve ventilation throughout the school.

Finally, parents need to be aware of their children’s transportation needs. APS said the bus situation is still in its infancy and is likely to be complicated. If possible, parents should try to take their children to school.

Some parents have expressed concern about what the new face-to-face learning environment for their children will be. KOB 4 communicated these concerns to APS spokesman Monica Armenta.

“Learning well should always be fun. For students who decide to meet in person after staying at home for a year, they may have made that decision because they miss their friends, miss their teachers, or miss them. Is very expensive, probably a different routine at home, “she said.

Teachers use Chromebooks to teach students in the classroom and students at home at the same time. However, there are still some activities.

“Resting areas and PEs will look different from school to school, depending on what accommodation we have and what space we have,” Armenta said.

This first week will be a grace period for the APS family to decide whether to engage in face-to-face or distance learning.

Students like 7th grade Kyle Rehbein are excited to be back.

“I received an email from his junior high school and shortly after that he informed me that we would definitely work on this. We will follow all safety protocols and do our best for our students. Confirm, and I think we are very pleased with the way his school handled it, “said Kyle’s mother, Jaime Lebain.

Jaime said she hopes that learning directly will help her son’s grades, but she is still a little worried.

“Worries and tensions about the kids being together again. And as you know, we’re still in a pandemic. It’s still there, but I’m definitely my feelings at this point. I think the social side of what they lacked is up there is my priority list. “

Armenta said students should not be afraid to contact trusted adults to navigate the new environment.

“If my kids go back to school tomorrow, I’ll put them aside and say they’ll feel a little different. It takes a few days, maybe one, to feel like you’re back where you need them. It will take a week. Be it, “she said. “But if you need something, from always needing to know which bathroom is open to dealing with a student next door who doesn’t want to wear a mask, find an adult and share it. Must be, and we will solve the problem together. “

Some schools expect physical attendance to be close to 100%, while others expect about 25% to be full.

“It’s definitely different. Everyone should understand that this won’t come back to the first day of normal school. It’s the first day of pandemic learning and everything we do is designed around it. “I’m doing it,” Armenta said.

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APS prepares to welcome back students for in-person learning Source link APS prepares to welcome back students for in-person learning

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