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Fulton, Texas — Almost three years ago, at the age of six, Cason Rodriguez was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia, a condition that requires frequent treatment and occasional hospitalization.

His long medical trials have never been easier.

“It’s not fun when people experience it, and it’s not fair because I’ve been in the doctor’s (office) for about a month,” Kason said.

Friday marks the third anniversary of Kason’s cancer diagnosis. It was the day his grandmother said she was “very scared” for her and the whole family.

Shortly after that day, Kason’s mother came up with “Cason Strong,” a movement to help her son and raise awareness of leukemia.

At first, the youth soccer team played by Kason’s older brother Cayden put the slogan on his helmet.

Eventually, the Aransas County Independent School District launched a campaign that culminated last Tuesday on Cason Strong Day.

ACISD school students, teachers and staff were advised to wear orange, a color that represents leukemia awareness.

“When we started looking at all the pictures from the various campuses of our school (school district) teachers and students, and the bus people, our kitchen staff, custodians, were all orange to support him. I was wearing color, “Kason’s grandmother was surprised,” Connie Tyr said.

Shelly Rodgers is one of the teachers who wore orange on Cason Strong Day.

At the beginning of the school year, she became Kason’s third-year math and science teacher at the Fulton Learning Center, and she was impressed with what he saw.

“Even if you are as kind and kind as he is, you will not know everything he has experienced,” she said.

School life hasn’t been perfect since Cason’s diagnosis.

A fellow student once made fun of him being bald-his hair was missing for his cancer treatment.

Currently, Kason’s golden lock is past his shoulder, but for good reason you will soon encounter scissors.

“I’m growing it to donate it to the kids who need it, because they need more hair than I do,” he said.

The family arranged for Kason’s donated hair to be a wig for other children undergoing cancer treatment through an organization called the Locks of Love.

Kason’s final treatment is scheduled for February.

After that, inspections are done frequently.

However, if the cancer is not detected for five years, Thiel says the doctor considers him cured.

“You just have to keep praying and keep him healthy so he doesn’t recur,” she said.

Aransas County ISD remains ‘Cayson Strong’ Source link Aransas County ISD remains ‘Cayson Strong’

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