Aransas Pass Helps with Ida – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-09-06 00:50:42 –

Vega said he hopes to serve individuals in Louisiana just as people went to Aranzas Pass when Hurricane Harvey struck.

Alan Suspass, Texas — When Hurricane Aida moved north, the coastal bend evaded the bullet. Even if we escaped, Aranthus Pass individuals began to work on ways to help the aftermath.

This is what the AP Chamber of Commerce Rosemary Vega said he was familiar with.

“Here in Aranzas Pass, we lost the water tower, so we didn’t have water longer than some others,” Vega said. “We haven’t had power for a long time. We always remember all the strangers who came to our town. We literally walked to the strangers and they were you Nourish, “said Vega.

With the help of the community and several organizations, the AP Chamber of Commerce and the Police Department have organized tools and donations to bring to Louisiana.

“We ended up thinking,’Okay, we’ll get a 20-foot U-hole.’ We ended up with 26 and we were all the way to the top,” Vega said. “There are police stations that carry trailers, and there are gooseneck trailers with five pallets of water,” Vega added.

The crew will hit the road around 5 am on Monday morning. According to Vega, AP police will post their trip on Facebook.

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